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Light Turnout

Light Turnout By Anthony Harris ’08 I’ve been looking forward to this day for weeks now.  I woke up this morning brimming with anticipation.  At 8:40 this morning, I walked to Archer Hall and cast my vote.  I was filled with anticipation, and then I walked into the gym.  My first thought was surprise.  I figured I was late and I’m be stuck in line for about an hour.  I knew I would still make my 10AM lab, but it turned out that I’d be far ahead of time.  As I sat filling out the necessary paperwork to complete my civic duty, new feeling came over me.  I was upset.  Flabbergasted.  Why was no one else here?   I walked up to the poll worker to check myself in and she said that I was the second vote to vote that day.  The polls have been open for an hour and forty minutes and I had been the second person to vote so far.  I cast my ballot with little problem and left, outraged and disappointed in my Morehouse brothers (and I have giving the “disappointed in my Morehouse brothers” speech th