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A Stentorian Grumbli

A Stentorian Grumbling Anthony Harris Opinions Editor Three years. For three years, I’ve been here and I’ve seen quite a few people pass through.  I’ve seen the passing of pointless platitudes.  I’ve looked both to my left and my right and I’ve seen people depart, not through failure (of which I’ve seen many and yet those men remain) but through inefficiency.  I’ve seen men depart through fatigue.  I’ve seen men depart because they just couldn’t stand a school overrun by doubletalk and incompetence. This school is changing. We have become diverse, through both races and interests.  We are steadily realizing that the black experience is more than what we originally perceived.  It is more than hip-hop.  It is more than oppression.  It is more than history.  It is more than commonality.  We as blacks are as diverse as the states from which we came.  We have changed because of this realization. For three years, I have heard a sound of which I could not note.  Fo