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Caveat Emptor

The Student is Not the Client: Caveat Emptor Anthony Harris Opinions Section Editor A little while ago, I was speaking with a good friend of mine, Junior Class Senator Chad Courtney.  He was telling me about why he was running for Senior Class Vice President (he’s running unopposed, so no one questions this article as an endorsement or a conflict of interests) and he asked me what I expected from the SGA.  I told him I didn’t expect anything. I explained to him that anything I really wanted to do at Morehouse, I could do on my own.  The entire grass situation that has been on everyone’s lips weren’t done because I made some requisition form or because I had to see the corresponding secretary or the president.  Even in the situations in which I had some assistance with SGA officials, I found my efforts to be most effective when I acted on my own. I got the answers I was looking for (our evergreen grass is not strong enough for constant student activity) by as

Enough with the Grass!

The Student is Not the Client: Enough with the Grass Anthony Harris Opinions Section Editor I promise that this will be my last article about grass.  I just like the idea of keeping people informed on the issue. I met with André Bertrand, Vice President of Campus Operations, to inquire about the use of the campus green.  I had more information given to me in that meeting than in any experience I’ve had since I’ve been at Morehouse.  I asked questions and I got answers.  I wasn’t handled or patronized.  I wasn’t instructed on how to hold a meeting or sequestered like a child.  I had my questions answered the way a client should. To some, I may have been handled.  I am writing an article to the students of Morehouse College stating that we should in fact not use the grass to preserve it.  We should find some means to cooperate with the campus to enrich dying student life and preserve our resources.  It is through this meeting that I realized that there are qua