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The Line-Up for 8-31-2012

There's still a bounty of music but this week felt more like putting things in order than last week. Last week was unfiltered newness. This week feels more constrained. I think it works out. Nicky Shrire - Don't Think Twice, It's Alright I had been sitting on this album for a little while, waiting for the right moment to give it a proper chance. This track was one of those pleasant surprises that came up when putting my music player on shuffle, always a good sign for me. James Pants - Track 27 Orrin Evans - Clean House I felt it was time to revisit the new Orrin Evans album. Jeff Coffin & the Mutet - 8-Bit Goggles I got this album recently but it, too, had to come up at random at during my commute as well. Karriem Riggins - Tom Toms Ravi Coltrane - Spirit Fiction Honestly, I needed to fill in about two minutes, but realized this really was a perfect selection for this show. Trio Bruxo - Solidão Gasolina Here's yet another selection from the Trio Bruxo EP be

The Line-Up for 8-24-2012

I have a lot of new goodies for this week's show. It's exciting. The playlist for this week feels like Christmas. I never even saw such a bounty of riches coming. There's mad crazy new stuff. I can go on and on about it but I'll just play music now. Avi Granite's Verse - Y Not Granite once again popped up in my commute this week. Snow Umbrellas isn't as new as everything else on this weeks' show, but it's still as good as everything else this week. Karriem Riggins - Esperanza Linda Oh - Ultimate Persona I wanted a really pumping beat early in the show to kick things off. Linda Oh was the perfect call. Steve Lehman Trio - Fumba Rebel Once again, I'm dipping into Lehman's Dialect Flourescent . It's quite a good album. Karriem Riggins - Up ERIMAJ - Black Super Hero Theme Song I've been waiting forever to play something new from Conflict of a Man on The Line-Up, and by "forever" I mean since Monday when I first started li

The Line-Up for 8-17-2012

There was too much show this week. I just had to squeeze a 13-minute Dr. Lonnie Smith song into the hour and things overflowed but I consider it a bounty of riches. Brad Mehldau - Wonderwall When Beady Eye played "Wonderwall" with the wonky vocals during the Olympics closing ceremony, did it leave a bad taste in your mouth? It did for me, so I used this week's 1 spot to fix that. Apple Juice Kid - Bitches Christian Scott - Who They Wish I Was I considered this week's show excuse to have a Jamire Williams set, which gave me another excuse to play from Christian aTunde Adjuah again. Dr. Lonnie Smith - Backtrack The Healer is a great album, period. You should get it, seriously. ERIMAJ - Conflict of a Man I wanted to play a new track from Conflict of a Man this week but I didn't get the album in time for the show. Anticipation continues to grow. Teebs - Yellow More New Steve Lehman Trio - Pure Imagination I am more than impressed with Lehman's Dialec

The Line-Up for 8-10-2012

This show has a little bit of everything = This show had no prepared coherent theme Marquis Hill - The Wrath of Lark Still fresh off getting Sounds of the City last week, I'll probably be playing this album for a while. Black Moth Super Rainbow - Drippy Eye Gretchen Parlato - All That I Can Say Yet another song that gets play because it randomly showed up in my commute the day I put my show together. Enoch Smith Jr. - Love is Stronger Same case here, though Smith is often on my mind anyway. John Raymond - Onward feat. Gerald Clayton I haven't revisited Raymond in a little while. Also, the computer picked a Gerald Clayton song for this hour but I decided only to halfway oblige that decision. I felt this was a good compromise. dela - Get Busy Zacc Harris Group - The Garden This was another "I haven't played _____ in a while" decision. Ravi Coltrane - Cross Roads It's hard for me to find a proper place to play tracks from Spirit Fiction , to be honest.