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Outside the SGA

Anthony Harris Opinions Editor I would like to start this article with an official stance from those of us on the staff of the Maroon Tiger. Our official policy is that we will not endorse any candidate and we will not assist on political campaigns. In order to maintain journalistic integrity, we don’t try to interfere in matters involving the Student Government Association. We are reporters in a school of 2,800 people. This place is far too small for this publication to give preference. It’s far too small for any staff member to join a staff as a speechwriter or even to pass out flyers. We mull this stance over every year and it seems more crucial in some years than others. Still, it seems really important that we say this now before the fur begins to fly. The rest of this, I say on my own. As of the time of the first date of release of this issue, there are less than 45 days until I graduate from Morehouse College . I have

The Lost 150

I seem to have forgotten to post up my last article which I wrote a week ago. Sorry about that. For some reason, this article won't publish. Clearly I didn't only print one paragraph in the paper this week. Hopefully you'll bear with me and read my other work. Sorry I haven't figured out a way to fix this glitch. The Lost 150 Anthony Harris Opinions Editor If you didn’t know by now, the campus is undergoing budget cuts across departments. We have these budget cuts because around 150 students did not return this semester. As various departments try to cope with getting by on less resources (some departments are more used to this than others are), I’m not exactly certain how many of us are distraught about this alarming figure. One hundred fifty students did not return this semester for reasons I could guess rather easily. Many of them probably did not have enough funds to return this semester. Some others did not see thems