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Seemingly Useless Publicity

Yesterday, I was reading the New York Times website when I ran across this article on the front page about how the current economy is making a great renters' market . It was an interesting read and it's sort of reassuring for me to see what it's going be like out there when I finally leave my parents' (clearly not for New York though with that cost of living), but what really sort of got to me was the mention of Clark Hassler . Hassler isn't a celebrity. I mean, not really. He may be known in his field (I'm not sure since it's not really my field, I hardly put any time into the research that is life experience). He may be a celebrity in skateboarding like Tatsuya Ishida is a celebrity in his field. Not huge, but he could be big enough. But is this publicity really doing anything for him or is this some weird thing on the side that just comes up? Was this piece in times about renting apartments at a cheaper upgrade moving for Hassler's career or

River Barge Tours: Second Verse, Same as the First

Since I've been back in San Antonio, I've been to the Riverwalk more often. When I was younger, my family was never keen on walking through that tourist den, but now that I get out a little more, I often find my way there. In my many walks down the river, I've noticed the touring river barges change from the Yanaguana Cruises I remember as a child to a company called Rio San Antonio Cruises . At first, I thought Yanaguana still existed and these two companies were battling out who could give a better tour, something that really would have befuddled me. But after a little bit of research, I found Rio San Antonio is just the company that exists after the death of Yanaguana. This confuses me even more. How can a company die and another one take its place if they offer the same service (identically, down to the color scheme) at likely the same price? What will stop Rio San Antonio from suffering the same fate? When this company came up, what did people ask them? "He