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The Line-Up for 12-25-2009 by retronius

I don't really have much to say. I did a regular show because Christmas is tiring and once you're done with family, it's just time to move on to the post-holiday rigmarole.  Plus, I think this evening's music is good "got the itis" music. Gerald Clayton - Scrimmage Medeski Martin & Wood - New Planet Joe Lovano Us Five - Song for Judi Jaspects - Chitlins & Chalupas Freddie Hubbard - Caravan The Bad Plus - Comfortably Numb (feat. Wendy Lewis) Ronnie Foster - Mystic Brew Henry Threadgill - Bermuda Blues St. Germain - Sure Thing

The Line-Up 12-18-2009 by retronius

Tonight's episode is all about collaborations.  This was a late realized concept but I sort of like how it worked.  I've been playing Gretchen Parlato's In a Dream  pretty constantly lately and I've become so engrossed with it that I wanted to share a few of my favorite tracks on the show, so this is really a big excuse for me to play a lot of her new work.  But what really got to me was noticing that Robert Glasper arranged her cover of SWV's "Weak" and that she sang backup for Esperanza Spalding and Justin Vasquez and that Aaron Parks did all the piano work on her album.  This little cluster fascinated me and since many of them are getting their attention in the modern jazz scene lately, I figured I'd play that cluster tonight. This type of collaboration is pretty common. Joe Sample is often produced by Tommy LiPuma. He'll work with George Benson, Michael Franks, Anita Baker, and others often.  Folks will move from album to album and quite ofte

The Line-Up 12-11-2009 by retronius

Tonight, I went with the theme of actually playing my Jazz Now list .  I think before I can even delve into the best albums of the year (I'm still trying to mull that over) or play a bunch of jazz Christmas music that I think would work in the auspice of this show (I actually have a show on  Christmas), I first need to truly define this show even more than I already try to do and make it clear to folks how jazz is truly growing and changing to this day.  I'd like to think I'm doing some good here already, but there's work yet to be done.  This show is a prime example of what The Line-Up really is, what I think jazz really sounds like today, and would be the example of what I think you should spread around to all your friends about why you think they should listen to jazz.  It's also the test to see if I'm pronouncing the name Jarenwattananon correctly. There's plenty of stuff that sounds really nice and springboard from tracks like these.  This hour shouldn&

The Line-Up 12-4-2009 by retronius

It's a hard job being a DJ.  You have to put together what you think would sound good whenever you construct a set.  Some sets are more inspired than others.  Still, the strength of a DJ's library makes a world of difference.  I'm blessed not only to have this show and the pleasure of putting on show I love to do every week (and that folks enjoy hearing), but also to have a strong library of music from whence this show originates, along with a few choice songs of my own that I bring to the station and hope others appreciate.  Sometimes I just let the computer that holds this library do the picking and after I hear what it has to offer, I'm pretty pleased with what it suggests.  Some shows are more dependent on the computer than others but for the most part, I put my seal of approval on each show, including the things I have to say (on which I'm extremely critical).  Tonight, ye olde KRTU library made a lot of the choices with the exception of me doing a  little swap