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The Line-Up for 9-30-2011

It's pledge drive time again-- the time when I hang out at the radio station a little more than usual and pounce every time I hear a phone ring. It's one of my favorite times of the year and you can be a part of it, too, by heading over to  and pledging a donation to the station. Becoming a member is pretty rad, to which I can attest. This week's show involves me saying that a lot, it also has some pretty good music. Taylor Eigsti - Daylight This popped up on the commute. Also, I didn't get to go to the Austin City Limits Festival a couple weeks ago and heard Coldplay did a great job. This is in reference to that. Nujabes - Tsurugi No Mai Josh Nelson - Dirigibles As I said last week, I really like Nelson's Discoveries  and I hope this track leads you to the same conclusions I'm holding about this album. Brad Mehldau - The Falcon Will Fly Again I added Highway Rider  back onto my phone recently because I felt I needed to revisit it. Maybe I was r

The Line-Up for 9-23-2011

If it isn't already clear, I'm particularly excited about Jazz'SAlive. I always am. It's a tradition for my family to go every year and even though I'm now in a position where I'm seeing how the sausages and laws are made, so to speak, I still don't love this event any less. This show isn't really connected to this weekend at all with the exception of my enthusiasm but that's always there, isn't it? Dafnis Prieto - Emergency Call I love that the MacArthur Foundation always picks a jazz musician to receive one of their grants each year. We as fans should support musicians even if we aren't an anonymous group of eccentric curators of brilliance with large purse strings, but it's good to know the MacArthur grant is out there. Congrats to Dafnis Prieto for getting this honor. It'll be cool to see what he does with it. The Remix Project - A Tribe Called Quest-Electric Relaxation Brad Mehldau - When It Rains Work has been particularl

The Line-Up for 9-16-2011

Combined with the gray (but still pleasant) morning in San Antonio and the passing of my good friend and publisher, Kathy Clay-Little , this week's Line-Up is a bit softer and a little more chill. I hope you don't mind this change up this week. Ambrose Akinmusire - Jaya The computer picked this here but I figured I don't play Akinmusire often enough anyway. Pazes - Untitled Chris Dingman - Jet Lag I haven't been playing Dingman as often as I'd like, either. Besides, this track came up in my commute this week and I asked myself why I never played this track on the air in the first place. JAMES Farm - Unravel The computer picked a JAMES Farm track for the show but I had to switch things up to fit with the somber mood I'm going for this week. MF DOOM - Saffron Tigran Hamasyan - A Fable Now that I re-obtained A Fable , this album is going to get some steady play for a while. Brad Mehldau - Things Behind the Sun On the bus ride to the station today, Nick

The Line-Up for 9-9-2011

I didn't note it on the air but this week marks my 2 year anniversary of The Line-Up. We've come a long way and I'm proud of this show, what it has spread to the masses and how it has really been a lynchpin for Nextbop. Now, in the tradition of spreading dopeness... Kyle Eastwood - Marciac For some reason, Kyle Eastwood really came correct for his latest album, Songs from the Chateau . The energy has really flared up. I dig it. Ben Allison - We've Only Just Begun It was another one of those "hey, I haven't played [blank] in a while" moments. Terri Lyne Carrington - Crayola I was sort of shocked to hear this on Carrington's The Mosaic Project  instead of Esperanza Spalding using this song for one of her own albums. It's just as good live as it is in the studio. It's a blast of fresh air. Adam Cruz - The Gadfly Milestone  is a great album, period. Rarely do I hear anything from Sunnyside Records that doesn't knock me off my feet. Sun

The Line-Up for 9-2-2011

It's the first episode of the show with the new theme song, Christian Scott 's cover of Thom Yorke's "The Eraser". I'm sort of excited about that. Other than that, it's an altogether great show even without the new glossy cover. Chris Dingman - Indian Hill I hadn't played any Dingman in a while but it seemed appropriate since it seems he's getting a whole bunch of great attention now that his album is out. Cloning Americana - On the Rise Kory got ahold of this album recently and has spoken quite highly of this group. I like what I heard and much like anything else on this show, I yoinked the idea and played it here. Francisco Mela & Cuban Safari - Toma Del Poder I first got this album last week and it was one of the biggest surprises of that week. This is definitely worth copping. D'Angelo - Spanish Joint I love this song; don't you? Kenneth Whalum III - If We Try The track that comes after this one by LFQ reminded me a lot