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The Line-Up for 11-25-2011

I don't really have a lot to say this week. My words must be on holiday along with the rest of me. Madlib - Distant Land I don't really know why I picked this song to start off the show. I just did. It's always a great choice to pull from Shades of Blue . Teebs - L.S.P. feat. Austin Peralta Avishai Cohen - Handsonit The computer picked this one, honestly. Rudresh Mahanthappa - Playing With Stones I wanted to play a track from Mahanthappa's latest album, Samdhi , but I couldn't find what I was looking for. Maybe next week. Esbjörn Svensson Trio - In My Garage This was also a computer selection. I really don't want to seem like I phoned this week in, though. You should have seen the stuff I had to throw out. Jonti - Twirligig Geri Allen and Timeline - Four by Five While I was reading through  Angelika Beener's piece on Geri Allen , I realized I liked her live album with Timeline last year but didn't pay enough attention to it. I m

The Line-Up for 11-18-2011

I felt like I was on a roll the past few weeks. I had fully formed ideas before putting shows together. They were great and melded together and I was feeling confident with my decisions. This week, the streak has ended. I'm not saying the songs are weaker, not at all. I just know I didn't come  with the fire. The fire just sort of happened . Takuya Kuroda - S.T.E.P. Kory suggested I give Kuroda's new album, Edge , a listen. Since I didn't have any ideas on what to play this week, I'd do even one better and start off the show with a selection from it. Four Tet - As Serious As Your Life Eric Harland - Voyayer Nextbop is right now in analysis period for the best albums of 2011. Harland's Voyager: Live By Night  is one of the albums that I put on my list for staff contention. Stanton Moore - Magnolia Triangle I was actually going to play something else in this slot but I ran across this in the library after trying to figure out new stuff for mic breaks. I ma

The Line-Up for 11-11-2011

Why is this day relevant? Y'know, other than the whole Veterans' Day thing. I don't understand why folks are making such a big deal out of the alignment of numbers. I mean, yeah, it looks sort of cool written out but it's still nothing all that important. Anyway, I have been looking forward to this show this week just based on the excitement I felt at some of the new music I got this week. I've been loving Teebs' Collections 01  from Brainfeeder and Jonti's Twirligig  from Stones Throw . Just having that as a framework for new stuff from Portico and BADBADNOTGOOD have propelled me through this week to the moment I put together this show. I hope you're as pleased listening to it as I was making it, though I'm not even sure if you can be as pleased listening to it as I was just thinking about making it. ERIMAJ - For You (For Who?) I was trying really hard to find a song for the top of the hour. Normally, I play something a little more subdued to

The Line-Up for 11-4-2011

Yet another great show filled with stuff that's played throughout my week and filtered into an hour for the masses. Oh, and I didn't say it on the air but check out Jonti. My last two mic breaks are his tunes and I've been engrossed with his new album on the Stones Throw label, Twirligig . Give this week's show a listen to understand what I'm talking about. Though there's a lot of other great music this week, too. Jean Michel Pilc/Francois Moutin/ Ari Hoenig - Nardis I haven't had the chance to delve into this trio's new album, Threedom , but they're on my list. I'm hearing good buzz around the station about it. Darcy James Argue 's Secret Society - Obsidian Flow I haven't played any DJA in a while and I have yet to play DJA and Josh Nelson together in a set, which seems odd since they're both composers around the same thing thematically. Josh Nelson - Atma-Krandana Discoveries  really is a great album. That's all I've