The Line-Up for 11-4-2011

Yet another great show filled with stuff that's played throughout my week and filtered into an hour for the masses. Oh, and I didn't say it on the air but check out Jonti. My last two mic breaks are his tunes and I've been engrossed with his new album on the Stones Throw label, Twirligig. Give this week's show a listen to understand what I'm talking about. Though there's a lot of other great music this week, too.

Jean Michel Pilc/Francois Moutin/Ari Hoenig - Nardis
I haven't had the chance to delve into this trio's new album, Threedom, but they're on my list. I'm hearing good buzz around the station about it.
Darcy James Argue's Secret Society - Obsidian Flow
I haven't played any DJA in a while and I have yet to play DJA and Josh Nelson together in a set, which seems odd since they're both composers around the same thing thematically.
Josh Nelson - Atma-Krandana
Discoveries really is a great album. That's all I've got to say about that.
Múm - Awake on a Train
Somi - Changing Inspiration
Everything on Somi's album, Live at Jazz Standard, is a winner. Even if you think a song won't be so great from the start, it turns into something spectacular if you give it the chance to grow. This album is one of the biggest surprises of the year.
Rachelle Ferrell - I Can Explain
If you're in San Antonio and you're not planning on attending this show at the Carver next week, you make poor life decisions. Seriously, missing this show is an egregious error.
Aphex Twin - Avril 14th
Ron Blake - Chasing the Sun
I needed a short song to fill in some time and this seemed to work pretty well for the set.
Kenneth Whalum III - A Song For Tomorrow
As good as Whalum's album, To Those Who Believe, is, it's sort of hard to find really great songs for the radio. This one surprised me in my commute this week and I had to nestle it in a nice little home on my show this week.
Ben Williams - Little Susie
I haven't played Ben Williams in a while and also, since I rather like this song, I'm surprised I haven't played this song specifically in a while. I'm fixing that error now.
Jonti - Hornets Nest
Jonti - Pássaros
Flying Lotus - MmmHhmmm feat. Thundercat
Because my show is an extension of my interests, the things I'm taking part in, and from time to time, the things I'm missing out on.


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