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The Line-Up for 1-27-2012

It's another one of those shows where I had only a few ideas of what to do but it all turned out pretty well in the end. Brad Mehldau Trio - Knives Out I had to think back to the last time I played this song, not only on this show but in general. It's been a while. Can you believe that Jeff Ballard has been the "new" drummer in this trio for going on seven years now? James Pants - Track 27 Rudresh Mahanthappa - Killer I felt like playing something off Samdhi  this week. It's good and you should know about it. Austin Peralta - Algiers This was actually a computer selection but I was thinking of pulling something from Endless Planets  this week anyway. James Pants - New Sound (Intro) Lionel Loueke - Karibu I almost forgot Loueke was going to be at the Carver next weekend . I'll have to make arrangements to be there. This doesn't feel like something I should miss, nor should you if you're a jazz fan in San Antonio. Aaron Koppel Quartet - Door

The Line-Up for 1-20-2012

I didn't have many ideas for this show but going with the flow of things sort of worked out. Enoch Smith Jr. - A Misfit's Theme I'm making up for lost time with playing Misfits . dela - Get Busy Johnathan Blake - The Eleventh Hour We're streaming this album and Ben Wendel's Frame  at Nextbop the week before their February 21st releases on the Sunnyside label. Just keeping you on your toes. Thundercat - Is It Love? Sometimes the standout tracks on an album jump around. This track came up the other day and reminded me a lot of Stanley Clarke, which I guess is probably the point. RJD2 - Ghostwriter Enoch Smith Jr. - She Move Me Like I said, I'm making up for lost time. There's a groundswell that's building for Smith and I don't want to miss it. Stefon Harris / Dávid Sanchez / Christian Scott  - City Sunrise The computer picked this one, actually. Fortunately, this is my favorite track off Ninety Miles , so I kept it. Jack DeJohnette -  Ind

The Line-Up for 1-13-2012

I didn't acknowledge this on the show but this episode of the Line-Up falls on Friday the 13th. So... yeah... there's that. I probably didn't say anything because it's not all that important. What is  important, though, is new music. Also important is that I can confirm a couple of our acts who will be performing at the KRTU/Nextbop day party at the Red House Pizzeria  in Austin, Texas, on March 14th during the South by SouthWest festival (which links up quite nicely to the KRTU/ Music for Listeners day party the rest of that week). As if the music itself this show drops on you isn't gold enough, even the info is gold. Dafnis Prieto Sextet - En Las Ruinas De Su Infancia I sort of had this song on my mind this week. It's another commute song that got stuck in my head and subsequently hit the airwaves. Mister Barrington - Helter's Kelter Ben Wendel - Chorale We'll be streaming Wendel's Frame  at Nextbop on February 21st alongside Johnathan Blake

The Line-Up for 1-6-2012

It's the first Line-Up of the new year and I have a ton of new music to play. I'm pretty hype. Jaspects feat. Janelle Monaé - 2012 The computer picked this track but how can you say no to playing this? Even JJ Lopez was eyeballing this track but left it to me to play. Flying Lotus - ...And the World Laughs with You feat. Thom Yorke Dave Douglas - Fatty's Day Off The computer also picked this track but I'm not making a habit of that this week. Nicolay with the Hot at Nights - Satellite I decided to run with another track from the  Shibuya Session EP . It's new enough to fit in with this show and I think it works particularly well in this set. Mister Barrington - Landing When I'm telling you II  is going to be a vast improvement over this group's self-titled debut last year, believe me. My stanning for Danziger, Rockberger, and Biddle is paying off right now. Radiohead - Climbing Up the Walls (Zero 7 Remix) Neil Cowley Trio - Rooster Was a Witness