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New Project: SunDryed Affairs

It's a little weird using this space for anything other than playlists for The Line-Up and it's not like I've been using it to sum up all the writing I've been doing in various locales like I should but I did want to make a note of another project I'm undertaking. Kyla Marshell and I are putting together a blog collective/online literary journal entitled SunDryed Affairs . The site will be a collective of voices of people primarily of color. The focus of the site will mostly be whimsical essays on various topics but to put it plainly, it can be just about whatever you want it to be because I'm asking you, dear reader, to be a part of it. Check out, check out our submission guidelines, and be on the lookout for the greatness to come.

The Line-Up for 3-25-2011

Hey, thanks for bearing with me for missing a week of The Line-Up. Special thanks to Kory Cook for filling in for me last week. Last week was one of only two weeks in which I've missed doing my show and one of them was a power outage. I figure missing another for South By Southwest is good enough of an excuse. This week's show is a combo "This show is awesome so please support KRTU during our annual spring pledge drive"/"Stuff I've roundaboutly run across while at SXSW" show. It's going to get weird but still pretty cool. Dig in. Menahan Street Band - Home Again! Before I went on my trip, I hipped my family to Menahan Street Band. I totally wish I could have seen their couple of shows at SXSW but maybe another time. You can hear, they are quite awesome. Sun Ra - Lanquidity I cannot say no to Sun Ra. Seriously. This song is technically too long for me to play on this show considering I have other lengthy selections in this hour. It has little t

The Line-Up for 3-11-2011

I rather like this show. There were some tracks that I managed to lose the night before that didn't make it in this week (really, there was one "oh, no he didn't" track that I wanted to play that would have fit perfectly but it dropped from my memory card so it will have to wait until next week) but I think this week's selections are particularly good. You be the judge. Matt Savage - Picturesque The computer picked it, but you know how I am about computer selections. We keep a good library for a reason. Jason Moran - RFK in the Land of Apartheid I'm often finding myself coming back to this song. It'll make me stop what I'm doing to dance and whistle to it. It's that serious. Rudresh Mahanthappa & Bunky Green - Eastern Echoes This is here largely because it seems like the logical fit for the following track. This whole set was formed around the new Vijay Iyer that follows these tracks. Vijay Iyer feat. Prasanna & Nitin Mitta - Dualit

The Line-Up for 3-4-2011

This is actually the first time in a few weeks in which I walked into the studio without a concept for a show already in mind. Fortunately, I managed to pull together some more new stuff from some folks I've been playing lately and the computer also got my back this week by throwing in some pretty choice cuts. Altogether, your standard awesome jazz show out of San Antonio. Kyle Eastwood - Hot Box This was a computer selection but I rather like the idea of the son of Clint Eastwood as a jazz bassist with a song called "Hot Box." The Trio of Oz - I Will Possess Your Heart This one came up out of scrolling through the new additions to the computer. First, the name of the group caught my eye but once I saw this title, I thought to myself, "They can't really be doing what I think they're doing. Really?" They totally are. Austin Peralta - Ode to Love 1) Yes, I'm still loving this album and will likely be tossing it around in my head come December wh