The Line-Up for 3-25-2011

Hey, thanks for bearing with me for missing a week of The Line-Up. Special thanks to Kory Cook for filling in for me last week. Last week was one of only two weeks in which I've missed doing my show and one of them was a power outage. I figure missing another for South By Southwest is good enough of an excuse.
This week's show is a combo "This show is awesome so please support KRTU during our annual spring pledge drive"/"Stuff I've roundaboutly run across while at SXSW" show. It's going to get weird but still pretty cool. Dig in.

Menahan Street Band - Home Again!
Before I went on my trip, I hipped my family to Menahan Street Band. I totally wish I could have seen their couple of shows at SXSW but maybe another time. You can hear, they are quite awesome.
Sun Ra - Lanquidity
I cannot say no to Sun Ra. Seriously. This song is technically too long for me to play on this show considering I have other lengthy selections in this hour. It has little to do with the theme of what I'm going for this week for the show. Still, I just can't say no to it once the computer put it in the hour. Even thinking about deleting it makes me feel leery.
Grand Pianoramax - Clairvoyance
Leo Tardin and crew did a spectacular show during SXSW. I was there. They really blew the doors off the place.
Marco Benevento - Heartbeats
I didn't know Benevento was playing shows up in Austin last week until maybe a day after I got there and after that, it was pretty impossible to schedule him into the juggling act that is scheduling for a music festival that's so congested and spreads across all of Austin, Texas. I wish I could have made it but maybe next time.
Daedelus - Thanatopsis
I've been listening to Daedelus since college. A friend of mine hipped me to him and I've been hooked ever since. But every time he rolled through Atlanta while I was there, I was never able to make it to a performance. When I found out he was playing SXSW, I moved like the wind to make it. The wait was worth it.
Kool and the Gang - Summer Madness
I wanted to play this song for a few weeks now. This was one of those "oh, no he didn't" tracks that fits perfectly and displays just how wide one can consider jazz. I love the hell out of this song.
Frank Zappa - The Grand Wazoo
I'd like to thank my friend Matt once more for letting my friend and I crash at his quite full house during the festival. Chilling on the back patio, drinking beer, and talking about Zappa's fusion period was one of the best moments of last week's Austin trip. There were many many moments that were quite amazing last week but the calm of that moment at 2am was pretty amazing. I'll always think of that when I think about Frank Zappa.
Charlie Hunter - Special Shirt
It's a computer selection, but like all of them, I like it. That's what's so great about KRTU. They have a great selection of music.

Mic Breaks
OutKast - My Favorite Things
Bonobo - Kiara
Quantic and His Cosmic Barbaro - Undelivered Letter
Flying Lotus - Galaxy in Janaki (This song is essentially my theme song to life.)


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