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The Line-Up for 12-28-2012

I'm still sort of taking things easy for the holiday season, so I decided to play from a wider range than just bringing constant newness. NEXT Collective - Africa Nujabes - Aururian Dance D'Angelo - Spanish Joint Milt Jackon - People Make the World Go Round MF DOOM - Camphor Donny McCaslin - Casting for Gravity Ben Allison - Some Day We'll All Be Free Teebs - While You Dooo Miles Okazaki - Figurations The Nels Cline Singers - Devining Teebs - Why Like Erykah Badu -Time's A Wastin'

The Line-Up for 12-21-2012

I'm still sort of coming down from lists and I've really gotten into being on vacation, so this week's show has a vibe where I felt like I took it easy with longer tracks. I think it worked out. The Line-Up for 21 December 2012 Medeski Martin & Wood - End of the World Party Obvious joke is obvious. James Pants - I Told You Man, I Carry a Gun José James - Trouble Did you catch James on Conan the other night? Those dudes got too cool. Takuya Kuroda Sextet - Six Aces I swear every Takuya Kuroda album is better than the last. You should really check out Six Aces . Neneh Cherry and The Thing - Cashback One of the highlights of this year was being doorman for a The Thing show back in May when they swung through San Antonio and then hanging out with them all throughout that night. Those dudes ruckus. They're pretty awesome. Gonjasufi - Blaksuit The Cookers - Ebony Moonbeams A couple weeks ago, Josh Jackson's The Checkout Live at WBGO put on a double

The Line-Up for 12-14-2012

Finally, we have reached the Nextbop's Best Jazz of 2012 episode of The Line-Up. It's a pinnacle. It's an event. It's the radio version of reading a list. It's like the jazz version of Casey Kasim. It's like another simile in a list. Lionel Loueke - African Ship I tried as hard as I could to squeeze this into the show. It's a rare event when I can manage to get ten jazz songs into an hour on this show but I just loved Loueke's Heritage that much. Christian Scott - Van Gogh Marcus Miller - Gorée This band has had a fascinating year. They've been culled together through Miller's continuing a legacy. They put out a really great album. They've traveled the world and they have the battle scars to prove it. Miller's Renaissance band are just an awesome group of folks. Brad Mehldau Trio - Got Me Wrong Brad Mehldau gave us not just one, but two great albums this year. He's just filled with gifts. Kurt Rosenwinkel - Something, Someti

The Line-Up for 12-7-2012

I've been looking forward to this show for a little while now. We all know how giddy I get about year-end lists. This week's show are from my personal favorite jazz albums of 2012. Next week's show will come from the Nextbop overall staff list. It's a steady build. Gregory Porter - Bling Bling Flying Lotus - All the Secrets feat. Austin Peralta Menahan Street Band - Lights Out Christian Scott - Jihad Joe Teebs - Bleep Donny McCaslin - Says Who Robert Glasper Experiment - Cherish the Day (feat. Lalah Hathaway) ERIMAJ - This Night, This Song Space Ghost - Starship 2091 Lionel Loueke - Ouidah The Bad Plus - Wolf Out Hiatus Kaiyote - Nakamarra (Bendaur's Double Rainbow Mix) Vijay Iyer - Actions Speak

The Line-Up for 30 November 2012

I had not a single clue what to play this week. I've spent so much time preparing for year-end lists that I had to cobble together a show for this week. Next week, I'll likely play cuts from my personal favorite albums of 2012 and the following week will feature our staff lists. But for this week, here's just some all around good music. Pat Metheny Unity Band - Roofdogs Since I've been in year in review mode, I felt like it was time to revisit Pat Metheny and his current crew. BADBADNOTGOOD - Salmonella Rez Abbasi - Divided Attention Some months ago, maybe way back in March or so, Kory told me that Vijay Iyer was coming to San Antonio as part of this show with Rez Abbasi which is now coming up in two weeks. Just talking about this made us ridiculously excited. In a couple of weeks, San Antonio will figure out why. Graham Dechter - Road Song Upon putting this week's show together, Kory suggested I play something from the new Graham Dechter album, so I did. Teeb

The Line-Up for 23 November 2012

Austin Peralta - Ode to Love Flying Lotus - All the Secrets feat. Austin Peralta Kurt Rosenwinkel - Something, Sometime John Raymond - Onward feat. Gerald Clayton Austin Peralta - Epilogue: Renaissance Bubbles Esperanza Spalding - Winter Sun Lauren Desberg - Come Running to Me Daedelus - Madlib Bonus Beats NEXT Collective - Africa Sonnymoon - Kali Teebs - L.S.P. feat. Austin Peralta Austin Peralta - Algiers Flying Lotus - DMT Song feat. Thundercat & Austin Peralta

The Line-Up for 11-16-2012

It's sort of difficult to say when you're in the swing of things, even though this show wasn't put together while fully in the swing of things, but yes, this show felt like it was in the swing of things. Maria Neckam - I Miss You We just posted the video for this song on Nextbop. Synergy! Hiatus Kaiyote - Sphynx Gate Josh Moshier & Mike Lebrun - Hometown Marvel Moshier and Lebrun have been putting out some pretty great music over the years. I'm pretty glad they're finally putting out their Local Colorists EP. Kurt Rosenwinkel - A Shifting Design If you haben't read Jon Wertheim's review of Star of Jupiter yet, you really should. Thelonious - Third Eye Matthew Halsall - Fletcher Moss Park Once again, you really need to cop the latest Label Love compilation . Timo Lassy - Shifting Winds Chris Galvan, host of Nu Standards (Saturdays 7-9pm CST on Jazz 91.7), recommended Timo Lassy to me some time ago during a station event. Teebs - Bleep Madlib

The Line-Up for 11-9-2012

Part of me feels like I'm procrastinating about reviewing all this year's releases. Part of me is still recovering from last week. I'm not saying these shows are lacking, I'm just saying I have a lot on my mind. Dave Douglas Quintet - Whither Must I Wander? I still need to get around to listening to Be Still , but I do know that with all the good press I've read, it's a high priority. Space Ghost - 3 Weeks Jesse Fischer & Soul Cycle - Midnight Dancer I really have been enjoying Retro Future lately. ERIMAJ - Black Super Hero Theme Song It's astounding how often this song comes to mind on any random day. This may just be my actual theme song lately. Karriem Riggins - Tom Toms Steve Lehman Trio - Pure Imagination I wanted to make an angular set lately so it seems whenever I do, I make a Lehman/Threadgill sandwich. Henry Threadgill's Zooid - Tomorrow Sunny I'm often trying to find just to right time to play some Henrth Threadgill's Zoo

The Line-Up for 11-2-2012

Josh Moshier & Mike Lebrun - Sister Winter Flying Lotus - All In Takuya Kuroda Sextet - Six Aces Menahan Street Band - Lights Out Alan Evans Trio - Check Your Lugnuts Mo Kolours - Banana Wine Brad Mehldau Trio - Stan the Man Brian Girley - Mating Complex Gretchen Parlato - Butterfly A.M. Architect - Circus Jesse Fischer & Soul Cycle - Digital Savanna Donny McCaslin - Says Who Space Ghost - Porco Mark Guiliana - Coin Castle

The Line-Up for 10-26-2012

Today has been a rather odd day. It's been a rather odd week. It's best not to go into it. You know what takes my mind off the oddity that is this week? Good music. Anat Cohen - Anat's Dance This song is a reminder to me to revisit Claroscuro later while I'm in this year-end analysis period. Cohen's album may be my surprise of the year. Karriem Riggins - Summer Maddness S.A. Takuya Kuroda Sextet - Jafro Just got this album, Six Aces , in today. I haven't even heard it yet. We're learning about this together. However, Kuroda has come up and fast. Dude has become quite a fascinating trumpeter. Miles Okazaki - Dozens I felt like coming back to Miles Okazaki this week. Just a whim. Karriem Riggins - daoooh!! Brad Mehldau Trio - Holland This song just makes me particularly happy. Jason Moran - Gangsterism Over 10 Years I'm trying to get into Moran's show in Austin at the Paramount on Thursday night , and you should, too. Christian Scott - Van Gog

The Line-Up for 10-19-2012

I'm in this rather weird period where I have to focus on earlier releases from the year but I still feel compelled to bring you straight newness. I tried to do a good mix of both this week. Linda Oh - Deeper Than Happy I revisited Initial Here earlier this week and fell for this album all over again. THEESatisfaction - Juiced Philip Dizack - Grow There were moments on Dizack's End of an Era that reminded me a little of Christian Scott. Not necessarily in this song, which is great in its own right, but I knew I had to make a set with the both of them at some point. Christian Scott - The Red Rooster In this Season of Lists, I know I'm going to return to Christian aTunde Adjuah . I'm considering this that moment where I do that. Menahan Street Band - The Crossing This song has been kicking around for quite some time now and I wasn't expecting a song that I loved so much when I first heard it to be even better on the album. The Crossing is great and you should

The Line-Up for 10-12-2012

I like the looks of this weekend like I like the look of this show. Eric Reed - Ask Me Now I felt I had to do something for Monk's birthday, so this seemed right for the 1 spot. Tycho - A Walk Roy Assaf - Eternal Child I've been emailing this dude about his latest album for some time now, and I finally got around to listening to his work a little. For all the labor involved here, I think we're both relieved he's finally getting his just due on a Line-Up. Donny McCaslin - Stadium Jazz Casting for Gravity is going to keep getting play for a while. The Gaslamp Killer - Seven Years of Bad Luck for Fun Zongo Junction - Oh Why? I knew I wanted to play Antibalas for this week's show, so this seemed like the perfect way to make a little Afrobeat set out of it. Antibalas - Dirty Money I'm looking forward to these guys playing the Pearl on Sunday. Flying Lotus - The Nightcaller Brad Mehldau Trio - Airegin You know when a standard is particularly infectious and

The Line-Up for 10-5-2012

I've had a lot on my mind this week, so I was wondering if I had it in my to put together a good show. However, in times of distractions, I do what comes naturally and let the music do the work for me. Fortunately, I've been listening to some pretty great stuff lately. Tia Fuller - Cherokee Saxophonist Tia Fuller has a new album out, Angelic Warrior , that I just haven't gotten around to listening to yet, but I should, and so should you. Karreim Riggins - daoooh! Pat Metheny Unity Band - Breakdealer I missed the Unity Band playing in Austin last night. I'm a little sad about this. ERIMAJ - Black Super Hero Theme Song As I said before, I've had a lot of personal things going on lately and I felt like I needed to rise above, like a black super hero. Fortunately, this song has been readily on hand in times of need. Karriem Riggins - Moogy Foog It Anat Cohen - All Brothers Anat Cohen's Claroscuro was the biggest surprise album I've heard all week. It'

The Line-Up for 9-28-2012

I felt I would have had a hard time putting this show together because I spent most of this past week listening to Flying Lotus' Until the Quiet Comes and Grizzly Bear's Shields . It really hampered my outgoing jazz ears to bring you the freshness. However, it seems I've been getting so much new stuff that if I just thought about it for a while, I could break out some of the freshness I've probably been hoarding for myself too long. Lauren Desberg - You Go To My Head (feat. Gretchen Parlato) I've said before that I'm a sucker for this song and I'm a sucker for Gretchen Parlato so I was bound to play this pretty soon. Flying Lotus - All In Brad Mehldau Trio - Holland I've wanted a studio version of this song for years. Where Do You Start fulfills my wish. Lionel Loueke - Ouidah I'm still playing Heritage pretty compulsively. Flying Lotus - Tiny Tortures Donny McCaslin - Casting for Gravity Play this album for all your non-jazz loving friends

The Line-Up for 9-21-2012

It's the last day of the KRTU pledge drive ( but you can still become a member ). It's my parents' 16th wedding anniversary (congrats, you guys!). It's Jazz'SAlive weekend. I've got some great new music. Let's do this thing! Trio Bruxo - Capoeira This group's EP just keeps delivering for me. This song has been rattling around on a list of songs I needed to play for a couple of weeks and I finally got the time to fit it in. Gonjasufi - Blaksuit Lauren Desberg - Mister Magic This girl is beloved . Like, seriously. From the sound of this new EP of hers , I can tell why. José James - It's All Over Your Body This EP also dropped this week on iTunes. It's kind of a big week. Mo Kolours - Banana Wine Vijay Iyer - The Star of a Story Y'know what I forgot to say on the air about this? "Be the star of our story, and become a member of KRTU ." Zach Brock - Common Ground I've had this song kicking around of a list of songs that ne

The Line-Up for 9-14-2012

This week's show is the third anniversary of my helming the Line-Up and the first Line-Up of the KRTU 2012 Fall pledge drive, so there's double the reasons for me to be excited this week. Terri Lyne Carington - Crayola It's another one of those moments when I realized I hadn't played any Terri Lyne Carrington for a while. Karriem Riggins - Summer Maddness S.A. Lionel Loueke - Ouidah I may have played this song more than anything else this week. Singing along to it is pretty infectious. Vijay Iyer Trio - MmmHmm If you join KRTU at the $120 level, Accelerando is one of the gifts this year. This is cooler than usual. Karriem Riggins - daooooh!! Mister Barrington - Landing The plan for this week's show was to play some new Mark Guiliana tht I just got in so after that, a set came together. Playing some Mister Barrington was bound to happen in this set. Grand Pianoramax - Infidel I got a message from Leo Tardin recently previewing some new material from his upco

The Line-Up for 9-7-2012

This week feels like a continuation of past weeks. I've got a nice bunch albums to pick from now for a little while, so this week taps that resource. Christian Scott - The Red Rooster When is it ever a bad time to play some Christian Scott? Side note: did you check out the interview he did for Waxpoetics ? Space Ghost - Starship 2091 J.D. Allen - Ring Shout! Jon Wertheim is back writing for Nextbop and dove right into The Matador and The Bull . Matt Wilson's Arts & Crafts - Poster Boy I didn't get the chance to hear Wilson & Co. at the Vanguard but NPR still has the archive . J&D - Coffee in the Morning Marcus Miller - Redemption Honestly, while this show was on, I was in Austin watching Miller and his Renaissance compatriots perform. I'll likely say more about this later. Esperanza Spalding - Endangered Species I can't go too long without playing this song. I love it that much. Lionel Loueke - Farafina I also can't go too long without pl

The Line-Up for 8-31-2012

There's still a bounty of music but this week felt more like putting things in order than last week. Last week was unfiltered newness. This week feels more constrained. I think it works out. Nicky Shrire - Don't Think Twice, It's Alright I had been sitting on this album for a little while, waiting for the right moment to give it a proper chance. This track was one of those pleasant surprises that came up when putting my music player on shuffle, always a good sign for me. James Pants - Track 27 Orrin Evans - Clean House I felt it was time to revisit the new Orrin Evans album. Jeff Coffin & the Mutet - 8-Bit Goggles I got this album recently but it, too, had to come up at random at during my commute as well. Karriem Riggins - Tom Toms Ravi Coltrane - Spirit Fiction Honestly, I needed to fill in about two minutes, but realized this really was a perfect selection for this show. Trio Bruxo - Solidão Gasolina Here's yet another selection from the Trio Bruxo EP be

The Line-Up for 8-24-2012

I have a lot of new goodies for this week's show. It's exciting. The playlist for this week feels like Christmas. I never even saw such a bounty of riches coming. There's mad crazy new stuff. I can go on and on about it but I'll just play music now. Avi Granite's Verse - Y Not Granite once again popped up in my commute this week. Snow Umbrellas isn't as new as everything else on this weeks' show, but it's still as good as everything else this week. Karriem Riggins - Esperanza Linda Oh - Ultimate Persona I wanted a really pumping beat early in the show to kick things off. Linda Oh was the perfect call. Steve Lehman Trio - Fumba Rebel Once again, I'm dipping into Lehman's Dialect Flourescent . It's quite a good album. Karriem Riggins - Up ERIMAJ - Black Super Hero Theme Song I've been waiting forever to play something new from Conflict of a Man on The Line-Up, and by "forever" I mean since Monday when I first started li

The Line-Up for 8-17-2012

There was too much show this week. I just had to squeeze a 13-minute Dr. Lonnie Smith song into the hour and things overflowed but I consider it a bounty of riches. Brad Mehldau - Wonderwall When Beady Eye played "Wonderwall" with the wonky vocals during the Olympics closing ceremony, did it leave a bad taste in your mouth? It did for me, so I used this week's 1 spot to fix that. Apple Juice Kid - Bitches Christian Scott - Who They Wish I Was I considered this week's show excuse to have a Jamire Williams set, which gave me another excuse to play from Christian aTunde Adjuah again. Dr. Lonnie Smith - Backtrack The Healer is a great album, period. You should get it, seriously. ERIMAJ - Conflict of a Man I wanted to play a new track from Conflict of a Man this week but I didn't get the album in time for the show. Anticipation continues to grow. Teebs - Yellow More New Steve Lehman Trio - Pure Imagination I am more than impressed with Lehman's Dialec

The Line-Up for 8-10-2012

This show has a little bit of everything = This show had no prepared coherent theme Marquis Hill - The Wrath of Lark Still fresh off getting Sounds of the City last week, I'll probably be playing this album for a while. Black Moth Super Rainbow - Drippy Eye Gretchen Parlato - All That I Can Say Yet another song that gets play because it randomly showed up in my commute the day I put my show together. Enoch Smith Jr. - Love is Stronger Same case here, though Smith is often on my mind anyway. John Raymond - Onward feat. Gerald Clayton I haven't revisited Raymond in a little while. Also, the computer picked a Gerald Clayton song for this hour but I decided only to halfway oblige that decision. I felt this was a good compromise. dela - Get Busy Zacc Harris Group - The Garden This was another "I haven't played _____ in a while" decision. Ravi Coltrane - Cross Roads It's hard for me to find a proper place to play tracks from Spirit Fiction , to be honest.

The Line-Up for 7-27-2012

This week's show worked like a patchwork quilt. I tied together various songs I heard throughout the week and a bunch of stuff I just got the day before from sudden submissions. It all worked together pretty well. Brian Girley - Cover 2 Folks have taken to sending me music through the Nextbop Facebook page . This was one of those recent submissions that I liked most. Jonti - Hornets Nest Zacc Harris Group - After the Fall I played some Zacc Harris a few weeks ago and felt I should play him again to keep this group fresh on everyone's minds. Christian Scott - Liar Liar So who's taking bets on when I'll finally skip playing new Christian Scott for a week? Matt Wilson's Arts & Crafts - Teen Town This came up recently in my commute and I forgot how masterfully Wilson and crew pull off this cover. Space Ghost - 3 Weeks Zongo Junction - Oh Why? I decided to finally listen to one of the many projects Adam Schatz is in and was quite pleased with what I heard.

The Line-Up for 7-20-2012

The show, as a bit of a rarity, was live this week, both in my presenting the music over the course of this hour in real time and also in regards to its usual rambunctiousness. Christian Scott - Who They Wish I Was Sweet Valley - Total Carnage Henry Threadgill Zooid - Ambient Pressure Thereby Romain Collin - Pennywise the Clown The Stuyvessants - Panty Dropper Linda Oh - Ultimate Persona Francisco Mela - Yadan Mela feat. Esperanza Spalding Brad Mehldau Trio - Stan the Man Spectrum Road - There Comes A Time Josh Nelson - Atma-Krandana Gwigwi Mrwebi - Mra Maxwell - Phoenix Rise

The Line-Up for 7-13-2012

Pat Metheny Unity Band - Roofdogs Christian Scott - Van Gogh Christian Scott - Of Fire (Les Filles De La Nouvelle Orleans Phronesis - Zieding Enoch Smith Jr. - A Misfit's Theme Tycho - A Walk Vijay Iyer Trio - The Village of the Virgins Miles Okazaki - Figurations Brooke Waggoner - Query Robert Glasper Experiment - Gonna Be Alright (F.T.B.) feat. Ledisi Sound Directions - Theme for Ivory Black Portico Quartet - Ruins Mister Barrington - Helter's Kelter BADBADNOTGOOD - Earl (feat. Leland Whitty)

The Line-Up for 7-6-2012

It's no secret that I love the website Destination: OUT . It's a great resource for jazz that's, for lack of a better word, out there. This week, D:O celebrates six years of existence and to celebrate, they put together a Beginner's Guide to Free Jazz . This gesture was just too brilliant to pass up so some of the selections they put together made up the bulk of this week's show. Head over there to see all I couldn't fit into this one hour. In the meantime... Somi - Kuzunguka This song popped up on my commute before I got to the station. Also, I'm almost always ready to play some Somi. A.M. Architect - Circus Maria Neckam - Obsessed I planned to play this song last week but ran out of time. Le Boeuf Brothers - Two Worlds I've also been wanting to play some Le Boeuf Brothers on the show lately, too. Austin Peralta - Epilogue: Renaissance Bubbles Miles Davis - Rated X I knew when I wanted to put this show together that I would have a hard time placi

The Line-Up for 6-29-2012

You know those sort of weird disjointed songs that you sort of like but have to find the right mood to play? That's what this week's show is all about. Gretchen Parlato - Juju I really wanted to start this show off with her version of Wayne Shorter's "E.S.P." but I couldn't find her previous album, In a Dream , on the shelves so I replaced one Parlato covering Shorter track with another. The Roots - Hall & Oates Vijay Iyer Trio - Little Pocket Size Demons Go dumb. Go dumb. Go dumb. Henry Threadgill's Zooid - Tomorrow Sunny I need to give this album a couple more listens to speak more on it but I've been cottoning to Threadgill lately. You should, too. Flying Lotus - A Cosmic Dream The Bad Plus - Physical Cities I heard J.D. play this on the air last week and knew it wouldn't be long for me to find an excuse to play it myself. Billy Hart - Ohnedaruth I need to give this album more of my attention but it deserves all the praises it has re

The Line-Up for 6-22-2012

Not much to say, I just wanted to make sure I played what was on my mind as usual. Sound Directions - Dice Game/Wanda Vidal The computer picked this one but this is one of my favorite Madlib tracks so it definitely stayed. THEESatisfaction - Juiced Scott Tixier - Bushwick Party I had the idea of doing a violin set (that sort of fell apart when I added Maria Neckam at the end, but meh). Zach Brock - Drifting Last week, I played some Zach Brock as an icebreaker to his new album, Almost Never Was . This week, he's broken into the show. Maria Neckam - Your Kindness This album, Unison ,  has been floating around the station for a few weeks now and I finally got ahold of it to play. It's twisty and turny and pretty cool. Nujabes - Arurian Dance Rusconi - Tempelhof I've been wanting to play some Rusconi for a little while now and am finally getting around to it. Neil Cowley Trio - Mini Ha Ha This is probably my favorite track from The Face of Mount Molehill.  It'

The Line-Up for 6-15-2012

This week was just sort of interesting in that I didn't feel like talking too much and I wanted to feature more new music. Things were sort of fast and loose. Zach Brock - Black Narcissus Brock, the violinist for the Stanley Clarke Band, has his own new release, Almost Never Was , that has an amazing line-up of Aaron Goldberg (p), Matt Penman (b), and Eric Harland (d), yet no one is talking about it. This must change. Flying Lotus - Zodiac Shit Bebel Gilberto - Aganjú? The computer picked this one but I wanted a vocal set with some bounce to it so this was perfect to kick it off. Esperanza Spalding - Cinnamon Tree I've sort of loved this song for a few years now and was really happy that Spalding recorded this for Radio Music Society . It's a really cool song. Kurt Elling - Blue in Green I love everything about this song. I love the lyrics by Al Jarreau. I love Hobgood's arranging. I love Elling's vocal decisions. I love the vamp out. I love that the vamp

The Line-Up for 6-8-2012

This week's Line-Up feels pretty low key to me. I hit some power players, stuck with some tried and true piano trios, did what works. You know the deal. Somi - Kuzunguka I still have Live at Jazz Standard in rotation. There's something amazing about Somi and this band. They're all quite exceptional. Madlib - On the Move (Roland Alphonse) Enrico Pieranunzi - Strangest Consequences Kory and J.D. hipped me this today. We'll see where it goes; prospects are high. Fabian Almazan - H.U.G.s (Historically Underrepresented Groups) I originally had the idea of just playing folks I haven't played in a while but in general, that just organically happened instead of me making it a theme of this week's show. Austin Peralta - Epilogue: Renaissance Bubbles Vijay Iyer Trio - The Village of the Virgins   I love how triumphant this song sounds. Neil Cowley Trio - Slims I just felt like playing some Cowley. It's always good to revisit him. Phronesis - Charm De

The Line-Up for 6-1-2012

Just a grab bag of ideas and Stanley Clarke hype. You know, the usual. Grand Pianoramax - Feudor I missed acknowledging Leo Tardin's birthday last week so I want to make sure I belatedly wish him a happy birthday now. Freddie Joachim - Morena Linda Oh - Desert Island Dream There's so much goodness all over Oh's Initial Here . It's staying in rotation for a little while. BADBADNOTGOOD - UWM (feat. Leland Whitty) This track made NPR's Song of the Day the other day. I think folks are finally getting how good a song this is. Sonnymoon - Kali I love this album. Like seriously. It has a little of everything and it's downright infectious. Flying Lotus - Slow It Down Joe Zawinul & the Zawinul Syndicate - Scarlet Woman The computer picked this one. The Stanley Clarke Band feat. Hiromi - Fulani This song is indicative of what will be the highlight of my week. Saturday couldn't come soon enough. You'll see when I'm done reviewing the show. T

The Line-Up for 5-25-2012

Another week, another show. I had originally inteded for things to go a little crazy in song selection but it ended up to be a rather normal show. Although, I'm perfectly fine with that. You don't mess with what works and what works is a little of everything. Jeremy Pelt - Tonight... Soul is still hitting me since I heard it a couple weeks ago. That's certainly a good thing. Jonti - Saturday Night Songs Menahan Street Band - The Crossing I've been in a bit of a Menahan Street Band mood lately and was likely going to figure out how I was going to shoehorn a song of theirs into this week's show, but upon my arrival to the studio, the computer already had a track here waiting (in the 1 spot). After a bit of tinkering, "The Crossing" found its home. Takuya Kuroda - Skyrocket I haven't said much about it but I really do like Kuroda's Edge . It's a clear advancement from his previous album, Bitter and High . He sounds like he's having mo

The Line-Up for 5-18-2012

I said I would seek out new music and I did. Oddly enough, a lot of it is sort of straight ahead stuff, which I don't typically do for a whole hour, but I like where this ended up. Scott Tixier - Roach Dance I felt oddly compelled to play Scott Tixier this week. Then I felt compelled to play a not so obvious track. This is what happened. Rel   - Six in the Morning Linda Oh - Deeper Than Happy This is undoubtedly my favorite track from Initial Here . Find out your own favorite track from Nextbop's album stream, or buy it on Tuesday. Orrin Evans - Clean House I finally got around to listening to this album, Flip the Script , and I'm liking it. It's not your usual straight-ahead jazz album. Todd Bishop's Pop Art 4 - New York, U.S.A. This was a computer selection that I decided to run with. In retrospect, this felt like a risky choice, but isn't jazz all about risky choices? Toro y Moi - Sweet Jeremy Pelt - The Tempest I really did latch onto this trac

The Line-Up for 5-12-2012

It's been a bit of an exhausting week at Nextbop but hopefully things should get to some level of normalcy soon. Because of that, this week has me revisiting some stuff from the past and combing through the library a bit. However, I hope to have a lot more new music next week. Promise. Wayne Escoffery - World of the Bardo This album is still very much on my mind. Mo Kolours - Temi Gerald Clayton - Bootleg Bruise Happy birthday to Gerald Clayton whose birthday is today. Adam Kromelow Trio - Upgrade Every time I hear this guy on the radio, I'm immediately impressed. I'm sort of surprised I haven't copped his album, Young Blood , yet. Vijay Iyer Trio - Little Pocket Size Demons I'm playing this to make up for last week and also to remind folks that the piece we did on Iyer this week was pretty insightful. Freddie Joachim - Morena John Scofield - Born in Troubled Times A computer selection I stuck with, you know the deal. Gilad Hekselman - Hazelnut Eyes

The Line-Up for 5-4-2012

I still haven't had a lot of ideas lately but the news on the scene has pushed things along. Bill Goodwin and John Scofield - Ida Lupino This song from Solar Energy  is a computer selected song that I have a soft spot for. I made sure to keep it so it nestles quite nicely in the 1 spot. Radiohead - Meeting in the Aisle E.S.T. - Letter from the Leviathan Seriously, why don't I have 301  yet? Romain Collin - The Calling This album is now available everywhere so you have no excuse not to cop it. The Stuyvesants - Roosevelt Projects Jam Session Chick Corea and Stefano Bollani - Jitterbug Waltz This is probably the best version of this song I've ever heard. I've probably said this before and I likely meant it just as much then, too. Miguel Atwood-Fergusson - Hoc 'N Pucky I'll never not like this song. Vijay Iyer Trio - Human Nature Everything on Accelerando  is pure gold. Toro y Moi - Sweet Robert Glasper Experiment - Gonna Be Alright (F.T.B.) fe

The Line-Up for 4-27-2012

As usual, the show is a combination of ideas I've collected throughout the week and picks the computer left but I'm particularly happy with my new approach to blending tracks together. I'm really happy with my handiwork in that department. The song selection ain't half bad, either. Michael Janish - Sofa Stomp This song has been sitting on an Evernote for months, waiting in the tall grass for the perfect show to pounce. It finally graced this week's 1 spot and it works. James Pants - Track 27 Neil Cowley Trio - Slims The song just got a new video that has graced our page . It certainly deserves a spot in The Line-Up for the week. The Bad Plus - Super America I was whistling this tune all day Wednesday. Take note how much of a challenge that is when you hear the shifts going on. Romain Collin - Pennywise the Clown Have you checked out The Calling  yet? We're streaming it. You really should check it out if you haven't by now. This taste should conv

The Line-Up for 4-20-2012

Rarely does 4/20 fall on a Friday so I have been pretty excited to put this show together for a few weeks now. Hopefully my song choices lived up to this show's potential. Todd Clouser - Little Boxes I hope I wasn't trying to be too clever in this song choice. Okay, maybe I was trying to be too clever with this selection. Rel - On My Way The Bad Plus feat. Wendy Lewis - Comfortably Numb   I had this song here as a marker until I could come up with what I figured would be a better idea. Ultimately, I realized this song was kismet after all. Medeski Scofield Martin and Wood - Legalize It It's a little overt, but isn't 4/20 all about overtness?   Daedelus - Madlib Bonus Beats Portico Quartet - Ruins Yep, this album is still in rotation. Heh, I said rotation.   BADBADNOTGOOD - CHSTR By the time BBNG2 gets to about this track, it really gets up and running. Mister Barrington - Landing I can't stop playing this song. I really can't. Mo Kolours - Te

The Line-Up for 4-13-2012

You want to know the definition of drained? Almost half of this Line-Up is computer selections. I rather liked the options it gave me and hopefully my personal choices for the week play well with others. Brad Mehldau Trio - 26 I figured I wanted to play some more new Mehldau this week but I also figured I had to figure out some 13 related stuff for this Friday the 13th show. Also, "26" is one of the choicer tracks from Ode . dela - Get Busy Booker T. Jones - The Hive I've been letting my Google Music wild out and upload more of my music to the cloud lately so my commute on shuffle has a hell of a lot more selection. This allows things like Booker T. Jones' The Road from Memphis  from last year stay accessible from almost everywhere, and fresh on my mind, and still just a thought away from showing up in a Line-Up because it still rocks me to the core. Ali Jackson, Jr. - I Gotchu Computer selection, less funky than the Booker T. but just as driving. Paul Grabow

The Line-Up for 4-6-2012

It's the last day of the Jazz 91.7 Spring Pledge Drive 2012 and it's been a pretty fun week. I got to hang out at the radio station all week. It's been a particularly fun week of content and discourse with Nextbop. Vijay Iyer Trio - MmmHmm Accelerando  keeps getting love from me. Also, I felt like playing some Thundercat twice over for some odd reason (I close the show with Bruner proper). Mister Barrington - Helter's Kelter Phronesis - Upside Down Phronesis just dropped a new album, Walking Dark , on us this week and it's quite good. This week's show is sort of heavy on piano trios. I've always had a soft spot for them and as this show can attest, they're capable of a lot. Neil Cowley Trio - Rooster Was A Witness I haven't played any of the new Neil Cowley album in a little while so I felt this merited fixing. Wayne Escoffery - World of the Bardo The Only Son of One  is pretty impressive-- smooth without being smooth , soulful without b

The Line-Up for 3-30-2012

Huzzah! It's pledge drive season, the time when it's entirely justified for me to hang out at the radio station all day and be hype. Does that hypeness carry over into my show? Oh, totally? Will it compel you to become a member of the station ? I hope so. Vijay Iyer Trio - The Star of a Story I totally meant to make a joke about becoming a star of the Jazz 91.7 story and pledge your support to the station, but I forgot. Would that still have been sort of funny? Toro y Moi - Inro/Chi Chi Terri Lyne Carrington - Unconditional Love Giving away this album as a gift at the $120 Jazz Aficionado level is a pretty good excuse to play this song and make a clever set flip flopping Carrington and Esperanza. Or maybe I'm just enamored with clever ideas coming out of my own head. Esperanza Spalding - I Can't Help It This is a good version, but honestly, I have a soft spot for the version Will Downing and Gerald Albright did . I don't hear a lot of folks talk about that

The Line-Up for 3-23-2012

The more I think about it, the more I like how this show has turned out. It features tracks from some of my favorite jazz releases of 2012 so far. It features some Darcy James Argue that I'm sort of not certain gets a lot of radio play. It brings back happy memories of last week in Austin. I found a particularly good artist for the music beds in the mic breaks. This is a pretty good show. Brad Mehldau Trio - Ode I've yet to hear this album. It seemed to have taken forever for the station to get it, but I'll be devouring it this weekend to get a take on it soon. Rel - Heart Beat On It Josh Moshier & Mike Lebrun - We Will Go And... It was a total blast hanging with Josh Moshier at SXSW. I still think he should have went unofficially, though, but seeing movies at the Alamo Drafthouse all week, thusly cutting out half the running all around Austin, is probably the less exhausting option. Darcy James Argue 's Secret Society - Ferromagnetic It was also really coo

The Line-Up for 3-16-2012

Whether or not KRTU and Nextbop were able to put together a day party during SXSW, this show would have happened. But instead of it being a "here's what you missed" episode of The Line-Up, this is a "here's what would have happened" show. Either way, it was pretty easy to put together material for this episode. Le Bouef Brothers - Two Worlds The Le Bouefs had hopes to roll through Austin just for the sake of touring but they couldn't make it through. They still got the 1 spot of this Line-Up, though. MF DOOM - High John The Whale - Kaskarones I love Kory Cook's drumming in any context and I'm pretty sure I was present for this recording. It would have been awesome for this group to kick off our show. Jeff Lofton & Alex Coke - Free Jazz Therapy This would have been trippy enough for a SXSW day party we would throw, right? Flying Lotus - Breathe . Something/Stellar STar ERIMAJ - Conflict of a Man The Jamire/Matt 1,2 punch would have

The Plan for SXSW

I'm taking a risk. I'm taking a big, fat risk and am taking a Greyhound to Austin this week for SXSW and will float about the city running into old and new friends, likely while tethered to a schedule I've been meticulously tweaking. Much of this is subject to change, but much like a jazz composition-- I'll follow the head, then comp around it. Much of this can be dropped at any time, it's overscheduled on purpose; however, there are certain shows that I must see (italicized and in orange). My Twitter is @i_ADH . I'm serious. Hit me up. Wednesday, March 14 1:05pm - Tycho - Terrorbird/Force Field PR 5th Annual SXSW Party - Red 7 - 611 E. 7th - Free Beer 3:00pm - Tycho - IODA SXSW Opening Day Bash - Red Eye Fly - 715 Red River 3:15pm - Reggie Watts - Under the Radar SXSW Party - Flamingo Cantina - 515 E. 6th 5:15pm - Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Terrorbird/Force Field PR 5th Annual SXSW Party - Red 7 - 611 E. 7th - Free Beer 7:00pm - Time Wharp - KVRXplos

The Line-Up for 3-9-2012

I had an idea to play a lot of older material for this week's Line-Up. Sometimes you just have to reach back and regroup to remember what you love about the music of today so much. Robert Glasper Experiment - Gonna Be Alright (F.T.B.) feat. Ledisi Honestly, this is probably my favorite track from Black Radio . Jonti - Passaros Ari Hoenig - Lines of Oppression The computer picked this one but it fit and I was feeling playing longer tracks for this week's show. Todd Clouser - All Apologies The Love Electric  is an interesting concept album. Sure, we've seen the "jazz covers of rock tunes" album before and it's hard not to think of Herbie Hancock's version of this song from 1994's The New Standard . However, Clouser makes a pretty good version of this song here. Tycho - Coastal Brake Ikebe Shakedown - Refuge I like revisiting this album from time to time. This group fit pretty well for this set. D'Angelo - Spanish Joint I played Voodoo  e

The Line-Up for 3-2-2012

I had a conflict with this week's show. I came down with a cold on Wednesday that mutated into a full-blown flu on Thursday. While I seemed to have sweat much of it out Thursday evening, it still lingered by Friday. So, then comes a crucial question-- do I not head into the station or do I suck it up? I entertained the idea of not going in, but I got too much awesome new music lately. So I tossed down 2,500 mg of vitamin C and made my way to the KRTU studios to put together what I consider a pretty damn good Line-Up. Aaron Koppel Quartet - Earlids I have Multiverse  in rotation even though I don't talk about it much. It's a pretty good album, though. Definitely worth some air time. Radiohead - Meeting in the Aisle Enoch Smith Jr. - Wise Man I wanted to put together a Christian jazz set so I put this before the John Raymond. Also, I needed another excuse to compulsively play Enoch Smith Jr. John Raymond - Onward (feat. Gerald Clayton ) Strength & Song  is still

The Line-Up for 2-24-2012

I honestly didn't have much of a clue of what to play this week. Hopefully, you'll still think I came correct as usual. Scott Tixier - Elephant Rose We've been talking this album up a bit at Nextbop recently and it's pretty well lauded at KRTU. That's certainly worth a play in the 1 spot. Flying Lotus - ...And the World Laughs With You (feat. Thom Yorke) Terri Lyne Carrington - Crayola Congratulations to Carrington for winning the Grammy for Best Jazz Vocal Album. Towner Galaher - Second Line Samba Computer selection Gretchen Parlato - Still (feat. Alan Hampton ) I was sort of stuck on what to play for a bit and then I realized I hadn't played any Parlato in a bit. Beck - Missing Johnathan Blake - Of Things to Come The Eleventh Hour is still streaming at Nextbop, just saying. Ben Wendel - Backbou So's Frame . Matt Wilson's Arts and Crafts - Teen Town Kory was saying this version of "Teen Town" was better than Weather Report

The Line-Up for 2-17-2012

I had only vague ideas on what to do this week for the show. It took some twisting and turning to figure out what songs to play this week but I feel that this is a particularly strong show this week. You be the judge. Gregory Porter - Bling Bling This album is amazing. It instantly lifts your spirits. It's makes you think of home. It's everything a jazz vocal album should be. It oddly reminds me of early Will Downing. Be Good  is just great. Jonti - Twirligig Johnathan Blake - Blue News Things are all coming together for the Johnathan Blake album stream. Are you excited? Jack DeJohnette - Sonny Light I'm still liking Sound Travels . Geri Allen & Timeline - In Appreciation This should be a good show at the McAllister Auditorium on Sunday. Jonny Greenwood - Proven Lands Steve Bernstein's Millennial Territory Orchestra - You Can Make It If You Try This was the most perplexing thing on the Bonnaroo lineup . Seriously, check the bottom. What's that doing

The Line-Up for 2-10-2012

The Line-Up in all its newness and splendor has returned to normal. The smooth jazz may return, but not for a long while. This week has new music (fringe, hip-hop inspired, and everything else you'd expect from me), previews to album streams, and some jammy jams. And peace was restored to the land. Enoch Smith Jr. - Wise Man Yes, I'm still playing Misfits  pretty compulsively. It's a shame I missed this during list season. Mister Barrington - Helter's Kelter Tigran Hamasyan - What the Waves Brought I still have A Fable in rotation and likely will for a while. Rusconi - Tempelhof I just got the new Rusconi album, Revolution . I'm still working my way through it, but I had to jump on getting a track in this week's show. John Scofield - Every Night is Ladies Night The computer picked this one but I really liked the beat. Besides, John Scofield has an intended appearance later in the show. J Dilla - Bye. Miguel Atwood-Fergusson - Hoc N Pucky When'