The Line-Up for 6-22-2012

Not much to say, I just wanted to make sure I played what was on my mind as usual.

Sound Directions - Dice Game/Wanda Vidal
The computer picked this one but this is one of my favorite Madlib tracks so it definitely stayed.
THEESatisfaction - Juiced
Scott Tixier - Bushwick Party
I had the idea of doing a violin set (that sort of fell apart when I added Maria Neckam at the end, but meh).
Zach Brock - Drifting
Last week, I played some Zach Brock as an icebreaker to his new album, Almost Never Was. This week, he's broken into the show.
Maria Neckam - Your Kindness
This album, Unison,  has been floating around the station for a few weeks now and I finally got ahold of it to play. It's twisty and turny and pretty cool.
Nujabes - Arurian Dance
Rusconi - Tempelhof
I've been wanting to play some Rusconi for a little while now and am finally getting around to it.
Neil Cowley Trio - Mini Ha Ha
This is probably my favorite track from The Face of Mount Molehill. It's just too clever a song.
Benny Lackner - 99 Luftballoons
The computer picked this one and I kept it out of curiosity.
Daedelus - Madlib Bonus Beats 
St. Germain - Sure Thing
The computer picked this one and I thought about tossing it out, but this really is one of my favorite songs ever and I haven't played it in a while.
Tensei - Plazzio's Revenge
I've been needing to revisit Tensei for a little while now.
Neal Evans - Crashland
This song is spooky and cool for all the right reasons. It's practically made for action movies.
Mo Kolours - Keep It Up
I really was trying to figure out what to close the show with. This was a last minute pick, even though I sort of am a sucker for this song.


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