The Line-Up for 6-8-2012

This week's Line-Up feels pretty low key to me. I hit some power players, stuck with some tried and true piano trios, did what works. You know the deal.

Somi - Kuzunguka
I still have Live at Jazz Standard in rotation. There's something amazing about Somi and this band. They're all quite exceptional.
Madlib - On the Move (Roland Alphonse)
Enrico Pieranunzi - Strangest Consequences
Kory and J.D. hipped me this today. We'll see where it goes; prospects are high.
Fabian Almazan - H.U.G.s (Historically Underrepresented Groups)
I originally had the idea of just playing folks I haven't played in a while but in general, that just organically happened instead of me making it a theme of this week's show.
Austin Peralta - Epilogue: Renaissance Bubbles
Vijay Iyer Trio - The Village of the Virgins 
I love how triumphant this song sounds.
Neil Cowley Trio - Slims
I just felt like playing some Cowley. It's always good to revisit him.
Phronesis - Charm Defensive
It's always good to revisit Phronesis, too.
Rel - Running Circles
Philadelphia Experiment - Lesson 4
I wanted to put in a relatively short tune here at the last minute and I don't play Philadelphia Experiment often enough. This album should have been more of a big deal.
Scott Tixier - Elephant Rose
I haven't played Tixier often enough.
Ben Wendel - Backbou
Nor Wendel, I told you, it just all happened rather organically.
Ernest Gonzales - Peaks & Valleys
Medeski Scofield Martin and Wood - A Go Go
I've been itching to play MSMW for a little while now and figured now was the time to charge headlong.


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