The Line-Up for 6-1-2012

Just a grab bag of ideas and Stanley Clarke hype. You know, the usual.

Grand Pianoramax - Feudor
I missed acknowledging Leo Tardin's birthday last week so I want to make sure I belatedly wish him a happy birthday now.
Freddie Joachim - Morena
Linda Oh - Desert Island Dream
There's so much goodness all over Oh's Initial Here. It's staying in rotation for a little while.
BADBADNOTGOOD - UWM (feat. Leland Whitty)
This track made NPR's Song of the Day the other day. I think folks are finally getting how good a song this is.
Sonnymoon - Kali
I love this album. Like seriously. It has a little of everything and it's downright infectious.
Flying Lotus - Slow It Down
Joe Zawinul & the Zawinul Syndicate - Scarlet Woman
The computer picked this one.
The Stanley Clarke Band feat. Hiromi - Fulani
This song is indicative of what will be the highlight of my week. Saturday couldn't come soon enough. You'll see when I'm done reviewing the show.
The Pharcyde - Runnin' Instrumental
Soulive feat. Karl Denson - Spark
It's hard to say no to new Soulive. It's also hard to say no to Karl Denson. Ultimately, this song being here is an automatic yes.
Neal Evans - Crashland
I had planned to give Evans' BANG a Nextbop album stream but I've been juggling a lot of editorial balls lately so this slipped through the cracks. It'll still be getting some play on The Line-Up, though.
Mo Kolours - Banana Wine
Jason Lindner's Now Vs. Now - Seven Ways
Jason Lindner Gives You Now Vs. Now is still a banger. Yes, still, three years later.


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