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The Line-Up for 3-26-2010

This is late because I was at the Dee Dee Bridgewater concert last night. It was quite exceptional and I sort of can't wait to write my review of it. I'll make sure some snippets of it find their way over here. In lieu of my live tweeting the show as I usually do, I hope this episode of The Line-Up could stand on its own. I was quite proud of it. Tineke Postma - Cabbonal Gerald Clayton - Two Heads One Pillow Vijay Iyer - Big Brother Hiromi - Beerne, Baby, Berne! Christian Scott - The American't Nat King Cole/Cut Chemist -Day In Day Out Brad Mehldau - Capriccio Darcy James Argue's Secret Society - Redeye Nujabes - Peaceland

The Line-Up for 3-19-2010

If I can even remember to post this from my phone tonight, it would be a feat. If you've been paying attention to me in other venues , I'm right now in Austin for SXSW and likely listening to non-jazz music. These ears have many loves, I'll tell you. But that doesn't mean I slacked off on putting together a great episode of The Line-Up. Nor did I slack off on my writing for Nextbop (in fact, I made a buffer in posts because I know how I am). Either way, there's a great Line-Up all ready and raring to go for you to hear (or hear again if you already heard it live at KRTU ). Eldar - Insensitive Preservation Hall Jazz Band feat. Tom Waits - Tootie Ma Was A Big Fine Thing Justin Vasquez - Triptych Pat Metheny - Orchestrion Gil Scott-Heron - Gun Sound Directions - Dice Game/Wanda Vidal Brad Mehldau - She's Leaving Home

The Line-Up for 3-12-2010

The pledge drive has ended but that doesn't mean you still can't pledge your support and become a member of KRTU . In my lethargy (which didn't really show in my putting the show together), I haven't been all that active live-tweeting the show this evening nor in putting together a good blogpost for tonight's episode. But as I was trained in this job, I am a mere tour guide to the music. It should speak for itself for the most part, so I present to you tonight's Line-Up . Stefon Harris & Blackout - Minor March Christian Scott - Jenacide (The Inevitable Rise and Fall of the Bloodless Revolution) Pat Metheny & Ornette Coleman - Mob Job Robert Glasper - No Worries Freddie Hubbard - Caravan Joshua Redman - Obsession Medeski Martin & Wood - Sweet Pea Dreams Antonio Carlos Jobim - Brazil Mike Stern - Tumble Home

The Spring Pledge Drive Episode of The Line-Up for 3-5-2010

I can't stress enough that you head over to KRTU and pledge a donation to the station, although I did try to stress pretty hard over at Nextbop . I keep saying I work at the most awesome station on earth (for free at that) and it's so awesome because of the support from its listeners. Otherwise, shows like tonight's wouldn't exist. Brad Mehldau - Everything in its Right Place Ximo Tebar & Ivam Jazz Ensemble - Pink Panther Roy Hargrove - Invitation Gerald Clayton - Sunny Day Go Esperanza Spalding - Ponta De Areia Orrin Evans - Iz Beatdown Time George Benson - Are You Happy? Sound Directions - The Horse Eric Vloerimans' Fugimundi - Boompetit

My Baptist Faith and My Lack of General Empathy (Why I Think I'm a Bad Person Much of the Time)

While procrastinating on tasks I should be doing, I decided I would take the time now and write a post on something that I've compiled on Twitter . Those who know me know that I'm a Christian. I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my savior at age 4, and, like an arranged marriage, have grown to love and strengthen my relationship with Christ as the years have passed. My love and devotion to Christ and adhering to Christian values is very important to me, but I also try not to bash people over the head with it. I toss my Christianity into general conversations because my faith is important to me and because it's my responsibility to witness to those around me, but I also know that being overt or repetitive about it won't convince anyone of anything. I try to be a living witness and also not annoying to folks so as not to turn people off, from me or from the God in me. This is why many of my friends who are atheists call on me as the most rational Christian they know. I