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The Line-Up for 2-26-2010

Because my editor is rather slow lately, you'll get to see my latest Nextbop post once he gets around to putting it on the site. This week the audio should be better , I feel I didn't slip up as much and I think the show went alright. Let me know if you agree. Christian Scott - Isadora Yesterday You Said Tomorrow  is really growing on me. Seb of Nextbop has called me to the task of reviewing this album, I likely will rather soon. (I wasn't given a deadline so Lord knows when I'll actually get to it. Y'all better pray soon.) This song is here because I figure folks should hear more of this album and because I realized I don't do a lot of ballads on The Line-Up. I don't want to become a one trick pony. Esperanza Spalding - Cuerpo y Alma Funnily enough, the computer picked this song to be here. I was thinking about playing some Esperanza Spalding lately anyway and I show up and there this song is. The library knows me too well. Kneebody - Never Remember

The Line-Up for 2-19-2010

This week, I was rather sluggish. Tonight's Line-Up was painstakingly put together to make sure the music was of impeccable quality, possibly to make up for what I find to be lackluster commentary. Add to the fact that the station was running on an analog signal instead of its usually high quality digital and I'd have to say the music was probably the best thing about tonight, but it usually is (as it should). All in all, as my beloved radio bosses say, my job is to deliver the music, so deliver it I shall . Brad Mehldau - House on Hill As much as I love Mehldau, I don't really have a lot of background with the House on Hill  album. I know where it existed in its context but I never gravitated to it since it was a coverless album. That's a mistake on my part since every time I hear a cut off of it, I fall in love and kick myself. Darcy James Argue's Secret Society - Redeye Infernal Machines  has a lot of moments on it where you marvel in the landscape Argue pai

The Line-Up for 2-12-2010

I don't have much to say tonight about the show. Much of it was computer selected but it's still pretty good. Others were just randomly brought to mind because of one thing or another. As always, please read my latest post at Nextbop about how jazz music is really all around us. On a related note, Janelle Monáe just release a couple new tracks that'll appear on her latest album this coming May. "Tightrope" sort of falls in that same aforementioned ideology. The horns really are quite dynamic. Give Monáe a listen and support her. She's already on the cusp of blowing up. You won't be able to say, "I heard her first." That's already claimed by folks who went to school in the AUC if you wanted that blipster cred, but  her music can still most certainly be appreciated and she only continues to grow as a musician. But that's on a whole other note. Tonight's Line-Up includes... Miguel Zenon - Oyelo The computer selected this one bu

The Line-Up for 2-5-2010

As it has become customary, check out my latest post at Nextbop about the Wild West nature of the music industry . The post has a lot of hyperlinks in it (hyperlinks in my posts are like Klostermanian footnotes) but there are some articles and posts that I linked in there that I can't stress enough that you read: Jason Parker has some thoughts about how he's pretty much moved past the Grammys . Rachael Maddux has blown the lid off the internet with her article in Paste  with the question "Is Indie Dead?" Both of these pieces are really great, especially Maddux's (I can't stress that enough). So please take the time to read them on top of whatever else you're doing on the internet. Also, subscribe to Paste  Magazine if you can. I haven't myself, but I intend to rather soon. I really like the publication and have a few ties to them. I can't support them financially right now because I'm as broke as an unfunny joke but I can at least spread t