The Line-Up for 2-12-2010

I don't have much to say tonight about the show. Much of it was computer selected but it's still pretty good. Others were just randomly brought to mind because of one thing or another.

As always, please read my latest post at Nextbop about how jazz music is really all around us. On a related note, Janelle Monáe just release a couple new tracks that'll appear on her latest album this coming May. "Tightrope" sort of falls in that same aforementioned ideology. The horns really are quite dynamic. Give Monáe a listen and support her. She's already on the cusp of blowing up. You won't be able to say, "I heard her first." That's already claimed by folks who went to school in the AUC if you wanted that blipster cred, but  her music can still most certainly be appreciated and she only continues to grow as a musician.

But that's on a whole other note. Tonight's Line-Up includes...

Miguel Zenon - Oyelo
The computer selected this one but I just wanted to remind folks that this guy has a MacArthur grant.
Fred Hersch - Rhythm Spirit
This was also a computer selection but I really wanted to keep some Fred Hersch in tonight's show because of Peter Hum's recent post about Hersch's beautiful playing. It's been on my mind lately.
Madlib - Montara
While talking with my friend, Nicholas Bouier, he commented on how hard it is to find Madlib's Shades of Blue album. I figured I'd play a track off that as a send up to him.
Roy Ayers - Change Up the Groove
Eh, I got nothin', but who can complain about playing Roy Ayers?
Vijay Iyer - Historicity
I hadn't played any Vijay Iyer in a while.
Fly - Dharma Days
This trio has performed recently at the Vanguard if memory serves to good reviews. I've yet to hear these three together and figured this was a good chance.
Grand Pianoramax - Feudor
While playing through my music at Winamp and through the Nextbop player, I've run across Leo Tardin's work quite a bit lately. It's good to have someone come to mind again. I'm spreading the love.
Joshua Redman - The Crunge
From time to time, I think about how I don't hear enough jazz covers of Led Zeppelin songs. This is one of the few about which I know.
Christian Scott - K.K.P.D.
Seb at Nextbop has been raving about this album for a while and made sure he sent me a copy of it. If there were a word I could use to describe Scott's Yesterday You Said Tomorrow, it would be "smoldering."
Christian Scott - The Eraser
I found this cover of Thom Yorke's "The Eraser" to be too straight ahead and I sort of question the percussive choices in the track (it sound staticy) but I have to give Scott credit for endeavoring this cover. It seems like one of those tracks in which he'd be more adventurous performing it live.


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