The Line-Up for 2-26-2010

Because my editor is rather slow lately, you'll get to see my latest Nextbop post once he gets around to putting it on the site. This week the audio should be better, I feel I didn't slip up as much and I think the show went alright. Let me know if you agree.

Christian Scott - Isadora
Yesterday You Said Tomorrow is really growing on me. Seb of Nextbop has called me to the task of reviewing this album, I likely will rather soon. (I wasn't given a deadline so Lord knows when I'll actually get to it. Y'all better pray soon.) This song is here because I figure folks should hear more of this album and because I realized I don't do a lot of ballads on The Line-Up. I don't want to become a one trick pony.
Esperanza Spalding - Cuerpo y Alma
Funnily enough, the computer picked this song to be here. I was thinking about playing some Esperanza Spalding lately anyway and I show up and there this song is. The library knows me too well.
Kneebody - Never Remember
If there's any band lately that I realized I don't know enough about, it's definitely Kneebody. Catch up with them before they really blow up.
Graham Dechter - Lined With a Groove
Another song the computer picked and I know nothing about. Hey, it happens. Hopefully, you liked it.
Vijay Iyer - Macaca Please
You have no idea how much I loved that Iyer titled this song this.
Jason Parker - Three Hours
My latest Nextbop column discusses Parker's new venture and I seriously hope the best for his upcoming album. In the meantime, I must say I enjoyed this song a lot more than I figured I would. The bass line here is fantastic.
Hiromi's Sonicbloom - Time Difference
Funny name, good jazz. I keep underestimating Hiromi. I don't think about her much when thinking about pianists but that needs to change.
Christian Scott - Jenacide (The Inevitable Rise and Fall of the Bloodless Revolution)
I have a thing for bookends. I like finishing things how I start. Also, this was the one track that made me give Yesterday You Said Tomorrow another thorough listen. Jamire Williams' beat here is so infectious, it requires one to take pause.


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