The Line-Up for 2-19-2010

This week, I was rather sluggish. Tonight's Line-Up was painstakingly put together to make sure the music was of impeccable quality, possibly to make up for what I find to be lackluster commentary. Add to the fact that the station was running on an analog signal instead of its usually high quality digital and I'd have to say the music was probably the best thing about tonight, but it usually is (as it should). All in all, as my beloved radio bosses say, my job is to deliver the music, so deliver it I shall.

Brad Mehldau - House on Hill
As much as I love Mehldau, I don't really have a lot of background with the House on Hill album. I know where it existed in its context but I never gravitated to it since it was a coverless album. That's a mistake on my part since every time I hear a cut off of it, I fall in love and kick myself.
Darcy James Argue's Secret Society - Redeye
Infernal Machines has a lot of moments on it where you marvel in the landscape Argue paints in his compositions. "Redeye" is a track where you really have that feeling of flying over the clouds and Sebastian Noelle's guitar work plays a large part of that. When it comes to this album, my favorite tracks always jumps here and there. At any given time, "Redeye" can be that track.
Jaspects - Polkadotted Stripes
Yet again, I'm making sure folks here about Jaspects. "Polkadotted Stripes" may be one of their most auspicious tracks that I've ever heard them endeavor and it certainly paid off. The entire album has a feeling of discontent in its lyrics and its direction almost indicates a confusion on where the group is in this nation, let along musically. This most certainly isn't a bad thing. We hear here a band in love with playing whatever they're playing and in love with the audience that's sure to continue to give them love.
Roy Hargrove & the RH Factor - Rich Man's Welfare
Whenever I think of Roy Hargrove, I think of his work with Erykah Badu. As I delve deeper into his work, I think about how I never knew more about him before. Although, another passing thought that now comes to mind is Seb's dreadlock period.
Gerald Clayton - Two Heads One Pillow
Clayton and his trio recently played a multi-night stint at the Village Vanguard. When I heard them play one of those nights (through the magic of the internet), I had "Two Heads One Pillow" stuck in my head. This group is all around awesome and this song is just the tip of the iceberg.
Chick Corea & Hiromi - Concierto de Aranjuez/Spain
Two great pianists playing one of Corea's greatest hits. Done and done.

Yeah, we'll get this analog/digital signal thing sorted out.


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