The Line-Up for 2-5-2010

As it has become customary, check out my latest post at Nextbop about the Wild West nature of the music industry. The post has a lot of hyperlinks in it (hyperlinks in my posts are like Klostermanian footnotes) but there are some articles and posts that I linked in there that I can't stress enough that you read:
  • Jason Parker has some thoughts about how he's pretty much moved past the Grammys.
  • Rachael Maddux has blown the lid off the internet with her article in Paste with the question "Is Indie Dead?"
Both of these pieces are really great, especially Maddux's (I can't stress that enough). So please take the time to read them on top of whatever else you're doing on the internet. Also, subscribe to Paste Magazine if you can. I haven't myself, but I intend to rather soon. I really like the publication and have a few ties to them. I can't support them financially right now because I'm as broke as an unfunny joke but I can at least spread the word and get a subscription at some point in the future.

Anyway, with all that said, let's get to tonight's Line-Up.

The Crusaders - Carnival of the Night
It of course made sense to do a Joe Sample show before his birthday, but I figured in case it would also make sense to play something of his after the birthday as well, that's what this song is here for.
Christian Scott - Kiel
Since I've been writing for Nextbop, the guys there have turned me onto Christian Scott. I had to have played him on the show before at least once since the library likely threw him onto a playlist once or twice, but I've really started to take note of him. The guy is pretty dynamic and is poised to take the forefront of the modern jazz movement if given the chance. Give him time.
Avishai Cohen - Nature's Dance
Cohen was a computer selection this week but I didn't mind at all, especially since I've been paying some attention to the guy's work for some years. My personal favorite of his is his cover of the Beatles' "Come Together." Ooh, I should play that on the show at some point. You'd like it, I swear.
Jaspects - 2012 feat. Janelle Monae
Thanks to someone finally answering their email, my broke behind finally got ahold of Jaspects' latest album, The Polkadotted Stripe. It is quite magnificent. If you don't know about Jaspects (which makes me wonder if you don't like the taste of water on a hot, summer day or the chirping of birds, either), get with it. Also, if you don't know about Janelle Monae, who's frankly already a Grammy nominee and is poised to dominate the globe with her music, dance, and magnetic personality, hop on the bandwagon now.
Pat Metheny - Expansion
Many throughout the jazz internet have been waiting with bated breath for this album to drop. This track should be a clear indicator that this is a typical Metheny album and that most certainly ain't a bad thing. Metheny got a bunch of machines to play instruments and make it sound like any of his other works. I'm starting to believe that if Pat Metheny struck a rock, he could pull water out of it like Moses.
The Gerry Gibbs Sextet & Ravi Coltrane - Silence After the Earthquake
I've spoken of Gerry Gibbs before. Let this once again be a reminder of how the man can kill it in a band and pull some great talent into the mix in Ravi Coltrane.
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Ain't No Sunshine
Hanging out with JJ Lopez  is one of the best treats I've experienced while working at KRTU. He helped me (i.e. did all the real work) put together the intro to my show. Among other folks he's put me onto (which I'll probably mentally process and get to listening to) is Rahsaan Rolank Kirk. I've yet to give him a lot of my time, but when the computer tossed this into the hour, I clearly kept it for JJ.
Aaron Parks - Peaceful Warrior
Because I haven't listened to some Aaron Parks in a while and I really love this song. Really, it is quite perfect.


Jonathan G said…
Great show man, i'll def come back and check it
Elle said…
First of all The Polkadotted Stripe is a pretty dope album! Second, Janelle Monae is THE DOPEST! Lol, that little lady has such and amazing voice...and the combination of JM and Jaspects is just an amazing musical result:)

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