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Oh, right, did I mention I led a street mural project last month?

Back in August, I acted as art director on a piece, painting the words of San Antonio poet laureate Andrea "Vocab" Sanderson around three sides of Travis Park. For some odd reason, I didn't post about that here considering this place is meant to be an official website of my work. I felt the need to post it now, despite the words "Jubilant and Exuberant" have already been entirely worn away by traffic on Pecan St., because I have already begun preparation for another art commission for an event I've loved for years, so I feel the need to keep things up to date for that, I suppose. This is the odd things about all of this, this period of transition I'm in. I'm working as an artist, still thinking of myself as a writer, but all the while knowing it's all part of the same idea. I'm manifesting things into the world, and how is always a more interesting question than what. Whether it's making things possible or helping someone else make things