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A New Nation

A New Nation By Anthony Harris      Last week at a study group for a British Literature midterm (in which very little studying took place, but we all did fairly well anyway), some friends of mine discussed a wide variety of issue ultimately converging on the idea of a new Black nation.  What would happen if the federal government gave to Black people all over America the state of Alabama?  We could do with it what we willed.  We could call it African America (or Negronia, we’re still accepting names).  We’d all set out for this new nation and make it right from the start.  We wouldn’t make the mistakes that Liberia made at its inception.  We’d be the perfect sovereign nation.      That would of course be an absolute lie.      Building a nation is hard work.  One would have to find leadership from practically nothing.  Construct an infrastructure that would support the economy and citizens.  Make a currency.  Build a good representative government.  Cope with differences within people a


Sorry for being late on this one. It's been a busy couple of weeks, but I finally got back to work. This one is in today, so don't look to Tuesday. I should be back on schedule next week. Qualifications By Anthony Harris I would like to write editorials for the New York Times . I have very little experience with journalism, especially expanding outside the Maroon Tiger , I don’t have my undergraduate degree in English, and I have much more growth to do as a writer. I don’t even know the Associated Press style of writing yet, but I feel that I’m completely qualified to write editorials for the paper of record to the United States. My roommate would like to be a prosecutor for the state of New Jersey. He hasn’t completed his undergraduate degree in political science. He isn’t as much of a spatial thinker. He hasn’t even looked at the LSAT’s yet, let alone the bar exam. But I feel that he is completely capable of representing the state of Georgia in the very difficul

I Cant Vote

I Can’t Vote! By Anthony Harris ‘08      I’ve just been disfranchised.   I came to Atlanta with dreams of gaining my degree from the prestigious Morehouse College, furthering my career in writing, meeting new people, and becoming more of an activist and a public voice.  I’ve just lost my voice.  Georgia House Bill 244 has just passed which restricts voting rights to those with Georgia government issued photo identification.  That is specifically photo identification issued by the state of Georgia or the US Military.  There is no alternative.  Most of you don’t have that.  I certainly don’t.  And now that I live in Atlanta, I don’t even follow my home state’s politics.  In fact, my family moved to Marietta briefly after I started my freshman year.  I don’t even need to follow the San Antonio City Council or who could be the new governor of Texas.  I want to be able re-elect State Senator Vincent Fort.  I want to get rid of Governor Sonny Perdue.  I want to be a part of my new home and t