A New Nation

A New Nation
By Anthony Harris

     Last week at a study group for a British Literature midterm (in which very little studying took place, but we all did fairly well anyway), some friends of mine discussed a wide variety of issue ultimately converging on the idea of a new Black nation.  What would happen if the federal government gave to Black people all over America the state of Alabama?  We could do with it what we willed.  We could call it African America (or Negronia, we’re still accepting names).  We’d all set out for this new nation and make it right from the start.  We wouldn’t make the mistakes that Liberia made at its inception.  We’d be the perfect sovereign nation.
     That would of course be an absolute lie.
     Building a nation is hard work.  One would have to find leadership from practically nothing.  Construct an infrastructure that would support the economy and citizens.  Make a currency.  Build a good representative government.  Cope with differences within people and make sure that the newly constructed government accommodates those differences.  In fact, a friend of mine said in this discussion that a nation does not really become truly successful until after three generations, if it is to become successful at all.  African America (or Blackland, whatever works for the people) would look like a colossal failure for at least 75 years, and many would not want to leave America for it.  We may have oppression, but why move into what is bound to be failure for myself, my children, and possibly my grandchildren?  What would white people think of us?
     So why do we expect Iraq to go through this without a hitch?  Iraqis recently voted on a new constitution and while many expected the Sunni Arabs to create a voting bloc large enough to cause another rewrite, the constitution instead passed the national referendum.  Many fear that the Sunnis may create another insurgency due to the passing of the new constitution.  Iraq is facing more unrest.  The United States may have to continue its occupation.  The nation looks like a failure, but it’s also only been two years.  I’m not a math major but I’m fairly sure that two is significantly less than seventy-five.
     So what can the American people do for the nation of Iraq?  Nothing really.  This is going to be a situation with no pretty answer.  American foreign policy, especially with the Middle East, has created animosity with Iraqis, among many others.  We can’t be the police force that stops terror.  Terror will continue whether we occupy this nation or not.  This nation will not be stable for some time whether we occupy it or not.  And they’ll still “hate us for our freedom” while they strive to attain their freedom, whether we still occupy the nation or not.
     There is a long road ahead for Iraq.  I have no doubt that Iraq can succeed as a nation, but it will take time.  A lot of work has to come from all Iraqis to ensure the stability of the region.  With diligence, this can be achieved.  They already have a good start, Iraq is a much better name than Ebonia (still accepting names!).


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…

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Well I guess I should write something for this topic to not spam:

Yes, all democracies go through times of unrest as a young nation, for us George Washington had to lead his troops against a rebellion, and somehow we ended up the hyperpower of the world. It might seem as if the United States is losing the war, if this counts as one, but the United States can't win this war through body count. The United States needs to move the people. Yes, battles wins the war, but it is the people who bring the peace. If even a minority of those people don't want peace, like those in Iraq today or those in ex-Nazi Germany, peace can only be attained when everyone wants peace.

Peace is is lack of violence. Terrorists attacks will continue as long as there are people who do not want peace. Those people must realize that justice can achieved without violence. Thus, it shouldn't matter that Iraq isn't secure in its borders, even the United States can't secure its borders, but that these terrorists have a line to communicate to us and all of Iraq, no all of Arabism and Islam besides murdering soldiers or Iraqs. That option in communication lies in politics. Or perhaps these channel: blogs, forums, or anywhere where people can express their grievances towards injustices.

If you have any questions about how I came to this conclusion come to lddebate.com and join up!

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