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The Line-Up for 2-25-2011

I don't think I have much of a theme for this week other than this being a collection of mostly new music that I got in this week. Actually, some of it is new and some of it has just been waiting for the opportunity to come to light. Brad Mehldau - Lithium The moment I'm done putting this playlist together, I'm going to tear this station apart until I find this album and rip it to my BlackBerry to have for my very own. It's new and I neeeeeed it. Nicholas Payton - Freesia feat. Esperanza Spalding If you do a standard Google, you'll run across this mixtape somewhere out there in the Wild West that is the Internet. It's free so you might as well put a little work into it. Also, it's still waiting for confirmation but Payton just got on Twitter and he is nothing if not entertaining (like hearing him talk or hearing his music). Mister Barrington - Wrong Number! I've been waiting for Owen Biddle of The Roots to get on a project like this, so I was rea

The Line-Up for 2-18-2011

It is a glorious day. Radiohead pulled the okey-doke on us all and released The King of Limbs a day in advance. I actually had planned to play this album in th mic breaks this evening anyway since I hoped to get the album around noon (since that's about midnight in England) but the push up in release made things much simpler. It's a good album. Not their best, but good. But I'm gushing too much about non-jazz issues. Here's this week's Line-Up. Benjamin Drazen - Inner Flights I just got Drazen's Inner Flights album this week and thought it was pretty good. It's pretty straight ahead but nice. You'll hear more of this in the future more than likely. Josh Moshier & Mike Lebrun - King's Road I've been feeling saxophone/piano combos lately so Moshier/Lebrun have come up. I like this pair and I like what they're rolling out with next even more. Austin Peralta - Capricornus The works of the Brainfeeder label have still been stuck on m

The Line-Up for 2-11-2011

I had an idea that I wanted to carry out for this week's Line-Up based largely on Flying Lotus' takeover of Benji B's show on BBC radio a couple of weeks ago. I listened to this set recently and I felt my life changing. I was rethinking jazz and radio and music in general and I just had to bring some of that vibe to The Line-Up this week. I think this is the most chill I've ever sounded on the radio. This may have been one of my favorite shows to have ever put together. Plus, I finally figured out how to play music in the background of my talking! Boy, is that ever complicated. Ralph Bowen - Drumheller Valley I always say that if you really want to impress me musically, get at me in my commute, especially while walking. If I can really feel walking to your song, you'll essentially open me up to the rest of your work. Bowen's "Drumheller Valley" showed up on my BlackBerry on shuffle (like everything else I play) and really moved my commute one day

The Line-Up for 2-4-2011

Today was rather interesting. Early this morning, San Antonio saw its first snowfall since 1985. Some places saw all of 3 inches of snow. Yes, it's not a lot but it is for us and it caused much of the city to shut down. Still I'm a professional so I made sure to get a show to you this week and a good one it is, too. Joe Sample feat. Lalah Hathaway - Fever As is tradition (that I'm currently making), the first song following the previous week's Joe Sample episode of The Line-Up must also be a Joe Sample song so as to ensure that his birthday is adequately sandwiched between Fridays. Also, I didn't have the time to fit in anything from his 1999 album, The Song Lives On . I mentioned it last week but didn't have the time to play it until now. This seemed like the perfect time for it. Medeski, Martin & Wood - Everyday People When I think of MMW, I'm not thinking of a lower energy song so when I saw how this song was categorized, I figured it was worth p