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“This is the Worst Thing to Happen to Morehouse.” Anthony Harris Opinions Section Editor As the story goes, Men of Morehouse raped two Spelman Women. Within the course of forty-eight hours, a series of protests took place. News helicopters hovered above Spelman College . They followed the crowd of black women in white shirts through the promenade of Clark Atlanta University . They swept down Fair Street as the wave moved through the Morehouse green to the steps of the Kilgore center. These women were angry. These women ARE angry. Two of their own have been allegedly raped. Many within this Atlanta University Center are rather apathetic. The stories continue throughout the years. This is old hat. But as they chanted as they moved through the strip, “It’s not okay. It happens everyday.” As they crowded the steps of Kilgore as the sun reached the top of the sky, the Morehouse SGA prepared to announce results

Thugs Dont Buy Smoothies

Thugs Don’t Buy Smoothies By Anthony Harris Opinion Section Editor As much as I have tried of avoid speaking on the subject, I am once again bringing up my workplace.  With a new class comes a new crowd inhabiting the scene that is Jazzman’s Café.  I have since noticed in my year as a barista personality types associated with orders.  Among the most prevalent is the so-called thug ordering a strawberry smoothie.  This just cannot be. If you walk into a coffee shop and order a strawberry smoothie, you are not a thug. If you are concerned about the appearance of your masculinity by adding whipped cream, you are not a thug. If you comment on going to Gloster to settle your tuition payment, you are not a thug. If you’re upset about a grade you received on a history paper, you are not a thug. If you have to beg your parents for more money to fund your late night calls to Papa John’s, you are not a thug. There are many at Morehouse who must realize that thugs do n