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The CNN/YouTube Democratic Debate I think I want to liveblog the debate this evening. I’m no Arianna Huffington, and this blog really is meant to be more of a supplement to the debate than a summary. Still, I’ll give it a go: 7:11 – Hilary Clinton wants to refer to herself as “progressive” instead of “liberal.” I’m highly bothered by this word choice. If the opposite of liberal is conservative, and Clinton makes a loose connection between liberal and progressive, this means that the opposite of progressive is regressive which is associated with conservative. If someone prominent makes this connection known, this may not play well with the other half of America . 7:12 – I like how Obama doesn’t want make this a Democrat/Republican dichotomy. He fights for America . 7:15 – This candidate video thing looks really stupid. 7:16 – Reparations? Someone asked the reparation question? I don’t think so. And Edwards still doesn’t answer the question after b
President George W. Bush/Moses Simulcast on Myspace and Blogger While I was taking my shower today, I got to thinking about President Bush. I keep thinking about my parents and my grandmother and why they voted for him. They voted for him because he touts his Christianity. I still think that quite admirable, but I also dread it because he gives Christians a bad name sometimes. I don’t like the idea of pressing Jesus on people because Jesus worked on persuasion. He didn’t want people in the Body if they weren’t willing. I didn’t just follow the Christian, I thought hard before I voted. I knew I didn’t want George Bush to stay in office. But then the Holy Spirit came upon me and I realized that things won’t be that bad. President Bush, while harmful, won’t cause the absolute ruination of America . People blow things out of proportion. Whoever comes into office after him will repair whatever damage he has done hopefully. But I don’t sweat the issue that much
Why I’m Voting for Joe Biden in the Georgia Primary Simulcast on Myspace and Blogger I’m putting this post on both Myspace and Blogger because it’s just like any other post, but I have been neglecting Blogger for a while since school ended. It probably should be more than just my editorials. So, today I have many things to do around the house to prepare for the birthday party I’m having on Saturday. I walk back into the house after edging the yard; I sit down at my computer and read my email. Then I look to Facebook to see if I have any more birthday blessings. What I found perplexing is that no less than three people all have about the same message: “Happy Birthday! Joe Biden?” Instead of writing messages separately on their walls saying, “Thanks! Trust me on this one,” I just decided to write out a blogpost. So I went downstairs, took a shower, ran some water to wash some clothes, got some iced coffee out of the refrigerator (a delicious summertime treat) an