Why I’m Voting for Joe Biden in the Georgia Primary

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I’m putting this post on both Myspace and Blogger because it’s just like any other post, but I have been neglecting Blogger for a while since school ended. It probably should be more than just my editorials.

So, today I have many things to do around the house to prepare for the birthday party I’m having on Saturday. I walk back into the house after edging the yard; I sit down at my computer and read my email. Then I look to Facebook to see if I have any more birthday blessings. What I found perplexing is that no less than three people all have about the same message: “Happy Birthday! Joe Biden?” Instead of writing messages separately on their walls saying, “Thanks! Trust me on this one,” I just decided to write out a blogpost. So I went downstairs, took a shower, ran some water to wash some clothes, got some iced coffee out of the refrigerator (a delicious summertime treat) and then opened up MSWord.

I really was quite indifferent about Biden. I knew little about his past except that people found him to be longwinded. Then the first debate ran on CNN. That evening I saw a man who was intent on educating the American people on the problems in this nation. He was sure to tell people about the mess in Iraq and President Bush’s domestic policy. He had real answers for the country and he made sure that with the little time Wolf Blitzer gave him to speak he would get his points across. Even Arianna Huffington noted that evening that Biden spoke with the passion and intensity that he had when he first entered Congress. I was swayed that evening, as any good debate should do. That night on CNN, it was the Barrack and Hilary show. Obama gave platitudes filled with uncertainty. Hilary was shrill but better than normal. The most hilarious part of the evening was just waiting to see if someone would tell Bill Richardson to shut up.

The same thing happened in the second debate. Tavis Smiley made sure that everyone had equal time but Richardson kept going over. Tavis actually did shut him up though, which was quite entertaining. Many people that evening, myself included, were more swayed to Hilary Clinton and Barrack Obama lost some folks. I just don’t know what he’s saying anymore. He’s working on half steam or something. It’s because Obama is only working on some charisma and little actual solutions for America that I’m even more swayed toward Joseph Biden.

I feel a sincerity from him when he speaks. I feel like we’ll pull out of Iraq when he talks. I feel like taxes will be lower for the middle class when he speaks. I feel better about America because I know that he means what he says. I feel the same way about Mike Gravel, but I just feel like he’s just the angry grandpa in the corner. In two debates, I really just heard him discount the plans of other candidates without giving any of his own. While it’s a good thing to talk about the flaws of the people that want to rule the nation, it helps to have a plan yourself. I rather liked his idea for the wider sales tax, but then it occurred to me that it would just look like more stuff is expensive for the average person instead of an eased burden from the lack of income tax. Poor people at least had tax exemptions; with Gravel’s plan, they just have to pay more for food. It’s not really a good idea when you think in depth about it. Still, he has a passion I admire as well.

But to sum up, I really like Biden’s domestic and foreign policy. I believe that with a good staff, he could look kinder to the general people when addressing the nation, but when it comes to the nitty gritty, I want an angry guy in office sometimes to get the major work done. I think Biden is what’s good for America and when the primaries hit (whenever that happens, I was never good with remembering when those things happened) I’ll be voting for him. He probably won’t get the ticket, but I’d be proud of the support I gave.

And these are the things that I think about on my 21st birthday.


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