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The Line-Up for 3-30-2012

Huzzah! It's pledge drive season, the time when it's entirely justified for me to hang out at the radio station all day and be hype. Does that hypeness carry over into my show? Oh, totally? Will it compel you to become a member of the station ? I hope so. Vijay Iyer Trio - The Star of a Story I totally meant to make a joke about becoming a star of the Jazz 91.7 story and pledge your support to the station, but I forgot. Would that still have been sort of funny? Toro y Moi - Inro/Chi Chi Terri Lyne Carrington - Unconditional Love Giving away this album as a gift at the $120 Jazz Aficionado level is a pretty good excuse to play this song and make a clever set flip flopping Carrington and Esperanza. Or maybe I'm just enamored with clever ideas coming out of my own head. Esperanza Spalding - I Can't Help It This is a good version, but honestly, I have a soft spot for the version Will Downing and Gerald Albright did . I don't hear a lot of folks talk about that

The Line-Up for 3-23-2012

The more I think about it, the more I like how this show has turned out. It features tracks from some of my favorite jazz releases of 2012 so far. It features some Darcy James Argue that I'm sort of not certain gets a lot of radio play. It brings back happy memories of last week in Austin. I found a particularly good artist for the music beds in the mic breaks. This is a pretty good show. Brad Mehldau Trio - Ode I've yet to hear this album. It seemed to have taken forever for the station to get it, but I'll be devouring it this weekend to get a take on it soon. Rel - Heart Beat On It Josh Moshier & Mike Lebrun - We Will Go And... It was a total blast hanging with Josh Moshier at SXSW. I still think he should have went unofficially, though, but seeing movies at the Alamo Drafthouse all week, thusly cutting out half the running all around Austin, is probably the less exhausting option. Darcy James Argue 's Secret Society - Ferromagnetic It was also really coo

The Line-Up for 3-16-2012

Whether or not KRTU and Nextbop were able to put together a day party during SXSW, this show would have happened. But instead of it being a "here's what you missed" episode of The Line-Up, this is a "here's what would have happened" show. Either way, it was pretty easy to put together material for this episode. Le Bouef Brothers - Two Worlds The Le Bouefs had hopes to roll through Austin just for the sake of touring but they couldn't make it through. They still got the 1 spot of this Line-Up, though. MF DOOM - High John The Whale - Kaskarones I love Kory Cook's drumming in any context and I'm pretty sure I was present for this recording. It would have been awesome for this group to kick off our show. Jeff Lofton & Alex Coke - Free Jazz Therapy This would have been trippy enough for a SXSW day party we would throw, right? Flying Lotus - Breathe . Something/Stellar STar ERIMAJ - Conflict of a Man The Jamire/Matt 1,2 punch would have

The Plan for SXSW

I'm taking a risk. I'm taking a big, fat risk and am taking a Greyhound to Austin this week for SXSW and will float about the city running into old and new friends, likely while tethered to a schedule I've been meticulously tweaking. Much of this is subject to change, but much like a jazz composition-- I'll follow the head, then comp around it. Much of this can be dropped at any time, it's overscheduled on purpose; however, there are certain shows that I must see (italicized and in orange). My Twitter is @i_ADH . I'm serious. Hit me up. Wednesday, March 14 1:05pm - Tycho - Terrorbird/Force Field PR 5th Annual SXSW Party - Red 7 - 611 E. 7th - Free Beer 3:00pm - Tycho - IODA SXSW Opening Day Bash - Red Eye Fly - 715 Red River 3:15pm - Reggie Watts - Under the Radar SXSW Party - Flamingo Cantina - 515 E. 6th 5:15pm - Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Terrorbird/Force Field PR 5th Annual SXSW Party - Red 7 - 611 E. 7th - Free Beer 7:00pm - Time Wharp - KVRXplos

The Line-Up for 3-9-2012

I had an idea to play a lot of older material for this week's Line-Up. Sometimes you just have to reach back and regroup to remember what you love about the music of today so much. Robert Glasper Experiment - Gonna Be Alright (F.T.B.) feat. Ledisi Honestly, this is probably my favorite track from Black Radio . Jonti - Passaros Ari Hoenig - Lines of Oppression The computer picked this one but it fit and I was feeling playing longer tracks for this week's show. Todd Clouser - All Apologies The Love Electric  is an interesting concept album. Sure, we've seen the "jazz covers of rock tunes" album before and it's hard not to think of Herbie Hancock's version of this song from 1994's The New Standard . However, Clouser makes a pretty good version of this song here. Tycho - Coastal Brake Ikebe Shakedown - Refuge I like revisiting this album from time to time. This group fit pretty well for this set. D'Angelo - Spanish Joint I played Voodoo  e

The Line-Up for 3-2-2012

I had a conflict with this week's show. I came down with a cold on Wednesday that mutated into a full-blown flu on Thursday. While I seemed to have sweat much of it out Thursday evening, it still lingered by Friday. So, then comes a crucial question-- do I not head into the station or do I suck it up? I entertained the idea of not going in, but I got too much awesome new music lately. So I tossed down 2,500 mg of vitamin C and made my way to the KRTU studios to put together what I consider a pretty damn good Line-Up. Aaron Koppel Quartet - Earlids I have Multiverse  in rotation even though I don't talk about it much. It's a pretty good album, though. Definitely worth some air time. Radiohead - Meeting in the Aisle Enoch Smith Jr. - Wise Man I wanted to put together a Christian jazz set so I put this before the John Raymond. Also, I needed another excuse to compulsively play Enoch Smith Jr. John Raymond - Onward (feat. Gerald Clayton ) Strength & Song  is still