The Line-Up for 3-2-2012

I had a conflict with this week's show. I came down with a cold on Wednesday that mutated into a full-blown flu on Thursday. While I seemed to have sweat much of it out Thursday evening, it still lingered by Friday. So, then comes a crucial question-- do I not head into the station or do I suck it up? I entertained the idea of not going in, but I got too much awesome new music lately. So I tossed down 2,500 mg of vitamin C and made my way to the KRTU studios to put together what I consider a pretty damn good Line-Up.

Aaron Koppel Quartet - Earlids
I have Multiverse in rotation even though I don't talk about it much. It's a pretty good album, though. Definitely worth some air time.
Radiohead - Meeting in the Aisle
Enoch Smith Jr. - Wise Man
I wanted to put together a Christian jazz set so I put this before the John Raymond. Also, I needed another excuse to compulsively play Enoch Smith Jr.
John Raymond - Onward (feat. Gerald Clayton)
Strength & Song is still streaming this week at Nextbop.
Teebs - Your Favorite Weekday
ERIMAJ - End of the Rainbow
This was a whole week composed around the new Robert Glasper and BBNG. ERIMAJ playing DOOM just made logical sense.
Trick of playing live BBNG-- finding tracks where there isn't cursing in the aside comments. I still have to follow FCC protocol. This definitely worked.
Robert Glasper Experiment - Black Radio feat. Yasiin Bey
I'm finally allowed to play this album! Cop Black Radio!
Madlib - Young Warrior
Vijay Iyer Trio - The Star of a Story
I've been playing this song pretty constantly for the last week or so. It almost singlehandedly is the reason why I came to the station with the flu to play it on the air. It is a song that's more important that sickness. Yeah, it's that serious.
Wax Poetic - Dreamin
Google Music pulled this track up for me this past week which led me to wonder why I've never played Wax Poetic on the air before.
BROWNout - Chafa Khan
This group has been popping up in the library a lot lately so I figured I'd play them on the show eventually.
Toro Y Moi - Sweet
Bonobo - Brace Brace
This is one of the few original tracks on Black Sands Remixed, itself reminiscent of why Black Sands was such a good album in the first place.


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