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Caveat Hold-Back-or

Hypothetical: You have fallen out of love with America. You have grown to despise the United States and you never want this country to see another cent of your money again. You know that the best form of protest is to boycott this country. You aren't giving it any more of your efforts and any more of the representation of your efforts (as Rand would say). You are going to do as you've been mulling over all along and you're moving to Canada. Here's the conundrum. There is no way for you to go anywhere in your protest against the US of A without conceeding for a while until you leave these borders. Don't believe me? You intend to buy a plane tickets? There's tax on the ticket. You intend to drive? There's a gas tax. You need food for your journey? Sales tax. You run into the same story when you're buying clothes for the cold weather. This nation is taxing us at every turn. It's necessary to keep the country running but it makes it awfull