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Dogs, Children, Love, and Life

In my quest to keep this blog ongoing, I still intend to post more formalized, developed short essays here. They may not be publication ready but I still hope that they do some good here. Other lesser realized work can be located at my blog on fly.paper , but there will be crossover, just as this blogpost is. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I don’t care much for dogs. When I was very young, I had a puppy that was run over by a car early in its short life, so I learned not to attach myself to small things that cannot support themselves at a very young age. After a while, I failed to see the point in keeping them around. I gained a skepticism to dogs as I got older. I questioned their loyalty. You see, dogs aren’t loyal; they’re crafty. Dogs are like children (which is why obtaining a dog is such a signpost in a relationship between a man and woman). Dogs, like children, cannot take care of themselves. They hang around those