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The Line-Up for 8-26-201

This week has been challenging and that has keyed into tonight's show. Someone stole my iPod at work this week which means it won't be as easy coming up with what has stood out to me in a given week to pick for the show, but it's not like pouring over the music I get to decide what hits your ears has been a breeze. Add to the fact that the computer didn't feel like tabulating the time right until I was halfway done putting the show together and lets just say the nuisance continued. It's a labor of love and I make my way through no matter what. No need to get down about it, I just lean on Jesus, peace, and the music. Jason Moran - RFK in the Land of Apartheid I was watching the PBS documentary, RFK in the Land of Apartheid , the other night, largely because the score was by Moran. This is also my favorite track from Ten , as I've said quite often, so to the 1 spot this goes this week. Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey - Grandfather's Gun Nextbop is still streami

The Line-Up for 8-19-2011

It still took me an inordinate amount of time to put this show together. I'll get it together, though. Also, I give this current theme song a couple more weeks so get your input to me as soon as you can. Johannes Wallmann Brasstet - The Sweet Minute I kept three computer selections for this week's show. I put the first two at the top of the hour. Roxy Coss - Lately Since the computer picked this track, I don't have all that much to say. Kenneth Whalum III - It Was Written (feat. Common) I had two or three tracks from KWIII before he gave me his album this past weekend. After finally hearing the whole album, I realize he picked the tracks he sent me for a reason. The whole album fits together really well but "It Was Written" stands on its own very well. Shane Endsley and the Music Band - Big When I got the track for this, I had some... problems with it. Hopefully this plays alright. Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey - Black Wall Street From August 23 until it'

The Line-Up for 8-12-2011

Steadily figuring it out but the show remains quite good. Quite good indeed. Stefon Harris, Dávid Sanchez, and Christian Scott - Brown Belle Blues Funnily enough, the computer picked this track, I just chose to move it to the 1 spot. Gretchen Parlato - Still feat. Alan Hampton 1) I haven't played Gretchen Parlato in a little while. 2) Isn't just just a feel good song? Herbie Hancock - Edith and the Kingpin feat. Tina Turner I really haven't played anything from River: The Joni Letters in a while. Rachelle Ferrell - Autumn Leaves Now that I think about it, I'm not quite sure if this fits in with the vibe of the show, but I'm a sucker for Rachelle Ferrell. Even when she's singing straight ahead, she's always out there. I must see her at the Carver in November Lionel Loueke - Karibu Folks everywhere keep talking about Lionel Loueke. He's really been an "it" guitarist for the jazz insiders. The Stanley Clarke Band - Labyrinth (feat.

The Line-Up for 8-5-2011

I think I'm getting the hang of this new computer system. Yes, the music levels are a little high but I think my coordination is getting better. Either way, there's a pretty good show this week. Gerald Clayton - Snake Bite I figured I hadn't played any Gerald Clayton in a little while. Gerry Gibbs Sextet feat. Ravi Coltrane - After the Dawn I want to ease you into the Flying Lotus & Infinity experience. It'll start more straight ahead jazz and then spin out. Austin Peralta - Capricornus 1) Still spinning out. 2) I hadn't played any Peralta in a while, unless you count all the straight up Thundercat tracks that have been online for a while from his impending album on which Peralta backs. Flying Lotus - Mmmhhmmm feat. Thundercat The genuine article Miguel Atwood-Fergusson - Hoc 'N Pucky Atwood-Fergusson is like garlic powder. Garlic powder makes practically anything better. I'm questioning that simile but I'm still putting it out there. Bec