The Line-Up for 8-26-201

This week has been challenging and that has keyed into tonight's show. Someone stole my iPod at work this week which means it won't be as easy coming up with what has stood out to me in a given week to pick for the show, but it's not like pouring over the music I get to decide what hits your ears has been a breeze. Add to the fact that the computer didn't feel like tabulating the time right until I was halfway done putting the show together and lets just say the nuisance continued. It's a labor of love and I make my way through no matter what. No need to get down about it, I just lean on Jesus, peace, and the music.

Jason Moran - RFK in the Land of Apartheid
I was watching the PBS documentary, RFK in the Land of Apartheid, the other night, largely because the score was by Moran. This is also my favorite track from Ten, as I've said quite often, so to the 1 spot this goes this week.
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey - Grandfather's Gun
Nextbop is still streaming Race Riot Suite up until its August 30th release.
Stefon Harris, Dávid Sanchez, and Christian Scott - City Sunrise
I have finally determined that this is my favorite track off Ninety Miles. It just sounds made for dramatic openings.
Stephan Crump and Rosetta Trio - Overreach
I have also determined that this is my favorite track from Crump's Reclamation
David Weiss and Point of Departure - I Have a Dream
Snuck In and Snuck Out have been sticking with me ever since I heard these albums.
Seu Jorge and Almaz - Everybody Loves the Sunshine
Hey, I haven't played this track in a while, huh?
Thundercat - For Love I Come
I have played this one a lot, I know, but you have no idea how psyched I am to know I am seeing my generation's Stanley Clarke (would that make Austin Peralta my generation's George Duke?). I've already got my copy of The Golden Age of Apocalypse pre-ordered and I've been compulsively playing the Hype Machine album stream all week. How about you?
Harriet Tubman - Probe
I may not always find a slot for it but I really do like Harriet Tubman's Ascension. It's most certainly a grower.
Ikebe Shakedown - Refuge
Not a lot to say here, I just felt like playing this track.
Jill Scott - Rolling Hills
I've been tossing around the idea in my mind for playing this track. I kept questioning whether or not it was appropriate but I finally just said "to hell with it" and closed out this week's show with it. I still had to legitimize my decision with Kory, the station's music director, but I let the music speak for itself and it's convincing enough.

Mic Breaks
Tribeca - 2gether 4ever (This bed didn't manage to play last week and I rather like it so I tossed it into the first mic break to make up for it.)
Teebs - While You Doooo
Buscrates - Chocolate District
Madlib - Distant Land
The Stuyvesants - Panty Dropper


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