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The Line-Up for 4-29-2011

Once again, I have a week of really great new music. It's times like these that I feel like a legitimate DJ, although one would think after a year and a half of doing this and the good responses I get, that feeling would have sunk in by now. So goes my cycle of perpetual doubt. Anyway... music... Ambrose Akinmusire - The Walls of Lechuguilla Once again, I'm playing Akinmusire in the 1 spot. Also, pronouncing "Akinmusire" is much simpler than pronouncing "Lechuguilla". You have no idea how much practice I had to do with that. Becca Stevens Band - There is a Light That Never Goes Out I honestly don't know enough about The Smiths, but I know I like this cover. That and I thought Zooey Deschannel was cute when she sang this in the elevator in 500 Days of Summer . That's enough for me to play this song this evening. Plus, Becca Stevens' Weightless is an awesome album. James Farm - Polliwog Joshua Redman , Aaron Parks , Matt Penman, Eric Harlan

The Line-Up for 4-22-2011

Somehow I managed to put together a show made up primarily of completely new music. A whole lot of stuff I got was painstakingly entered into the computers for your enjoyment. You're going to enjoy it, right? Otherwise, what kind of holiday spirit would you be in to have all new music and not enjoy it? Orrin Evans & Captain Black Big Band - Art of War People have been talking about this album for a little while now but I've yet to have the chance to listen to any of it. Usually when that happens, a song like that makes the 1 spot. Ambrose Akinmusire - Jaya I also need a little more time with Akinmusire's new one, When the Heart Emerges Glistening . There's been a lot of hype surrounding Akinmusire's Blue Note debut, hopefully you see why. Nels Cline - Dirty Baby Part IV (Shut This Gate) Cline has been on my mind lately. Wilco has been popping up on the iPod (I have an iPod, now, btw). The new Harriet Tubman has the same sort of avant garde feel as Cline&#

The Line-Up for 4-15-2011

It's the Herbie Hancock episode of The Line-Up. This is the episode that's a big deal but not as big a deal as the Joe Sample episode. That's just how it goes. Kurt Elling - Blue in Green I think my favorite thing about this song is the use of layering. When folks talk about Kurt Elling, they need to note that they're also talking about Lawrence Hobgood since the two are essentially attached at the hip. The arrangement Hobgood puts on this rendition (which is essentially an upgrade of Al Jarreau's cover of the same song that he did on his 1992 album, Heaven and Earth ) gives this a certain amount of depth that I never thought such a simple song could have. I really, really enjoy this. Jaspects - Chitlins & Chalupas What is Battle of Flowers anyway? San Antonio comes to some sort of celebratory halt in the middle of April for Fiesta and I don't know why. My family was never one for Fiesta so I never get caught up in it. I figure I'll throw the city a

The Line-Up for 4-8-2011

I'm feeling much less under the weather than I was last week, still the cough is still nagging while the music this week is still banging. Gretchen Parlato - Juju I am quite happy with Parlato's latest album, The Lost and Found . I think she's moving forward as a musician and vocalist quite well. She's making interesting song selections and the Robert Glasper touch in production shows quite well. She's growing into one of the great jazz vocalists of our era. Austin Peralta - Capricornus I asked myself when was the last time I played some Austin Peralta. I'm still loving Endless Planets so it had to have been too long. Jason Parker - Way to Blue The biggest surprise of Parker's latest album, Five Leaves Left: A Tribute to Nick Drake , is Josh Rawlings on piano. When he cuts loose, these songs really play. Noah Preminger - Quickening Computer selection, leaving it at that Mostly Other People Do the Killing - Round Bottom, Square Top Folks have bee

The Line-Up for 4-1-2011

To be frank, I'm fighting off a cold so I don't really have a lot to say this week. Fortunately, the music shall speak for me. Oh, and make sure to pledge your support to KRTU . The spring fund drive is over but that still doesn't mean it's too late to become a member of the station. Garage A Trois - Outre Mer Who's excited about a new Garage A Trois album? Eh, anybody? I know y'all are. I'll hip y'all to that as soon as I get my hands on it. Justin Vasquez - Nimbus This one's a computer selection but I figured since I intended to play some new Gretchen Parlato this week anyway, this seemed like a logical fit. Taylor Eigsti - Midnight After Noon feat. Becca Stevens This one's here because Eigsti is the pianist for Parlato's latest album. Everything seems to fit together so well. Gretchen Parlato - All That I Can Say Who remembers this song? I remember first hearing it and thinking it was the most I had ever been impressed with Mary