The Line-Up for 4-22-2011

Somehow I managed to put together a show made up primarily of completely new music. A whole lot of stuff I got was painstakingly entered into the computers for your enjoyment. You're going to enjoy it, right? Otherwise, what kind of holiday spirit would you be in to have all new music and not enjoy it?

Orrin Evans & Captain Black Big Band - Art of War
People have been talking about this album for a little while now but I've yet to have the chance to listen to any of it. Usually when that happens, a song like that makes the 1 spot.
Ambrose Akinmusire - Jaya
I also need a little more time with Akinmusire's new one, When the Heart Emerges Glistening. There's been a lot of hype surrounding Akinmusire's Blue Note debut, hopefully you see why.
Nels Cline - Dirty Baby Part IV (Shut This Gate)
Cline has been on my mind lately. Wilco has been popping up on the iPod (I have an iPod, now, btw). The new Harriet Tubman has the same sort of avant garde feel as Cline's recent solo releases. It seemed like a perfect fit for this hour.
Stephan Crump & Rosetta Trio - Overreach
Stephan Crump's latest album seems like a really chill selection of songs that I'm not hearing a lot of folks mention. It's been out for a few months now but it hasn't been getting a lot of talk which I find odd considering the emphasis lately on a "less is more" philosophy a la Gretchen Parlato. Cross apply this thinking to Vijay Iyer's bassist and you have an interesting album here.
Josh Moshier & Mike Lebrun - Hometown Marvel
I really like this song. I've liked it for a while now. When putting this show together, I was scrolling through selections and was completely perplexed as to why this song had never been played on the air before considering how much I like it. I had to correct such an egregious error.
Benjamin Moussay - Don't Wake Me Up!
I honestly haven't taken a lot of time to listen to Moussay. His latest album, On Air will sit in various media players for months on end and I'll say I'd listen to it eventually. Even his placement on Nextbop's Best of 2010 list was a decision Seb made. I should really trust his judgment more.
Harriet Tubman - Night Master/Ascension
This album is a challenge. It's a challenge the way the aforementioned Nels Cline is a challenge. But this group is doing some really interesting stuff both with Coltrane's headier work and with their own compositions. Interesting jazz is sometimes worth that little bit of effort.
Vijay Iyer with Prasanna & Nitin Mitta - Tribal Wisdom
Have I mentioned that I think Tirtha is Iyer's best album yet? Because it totally is.
Gretchen Parlato - Circling
I love this song. I loved this song when I first heard her sing it with Aaron Parks on piano during the documentary Icons Among Us: Jazz in Present Tense. I love it even more here with a full backing and Taylor Eigsti on piano. I love her new album, The Lost and Found. I'll get off my soapbox now.
The Bad Plus - Never Stop
I think this is one of the two repeats I'm playing on this show but I figured it's a good, pulsing closer to a pretty great hour overflowing with great new music.

Mic Breaks
Daedelus - Sew Darn Mend
Matthewdavid - All You'll Never Know
Daedelus - Slowercase D


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