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The Professor is not Middle Management

The Student is Not the Client: The Professor is Not Middle Management Anthony Harris Opinions Section Editor Our school is facing a serious problem.  Those who have toiled for years, those who have dedicated years of service to Morehouse, those who have worked diligently for the good of the students are leaving in droves.  In what many thought was a teaching institution, professors across multiple subjects are leaving for various reasons, the most predominant of these is tenure. The source of the problem has the same source as it does in other institutions: we hold new standards to professors in the face of a new look at education.  Administrations expect publication for paltry salaries.  They expect constant research and public accomplishment to make the school look good, all the while neglecting the main job of being a professor: professing. Schools do not expect teachers to be teachers but ad campaigns.  We’re meant to be the number 1 liberal arts school,