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There's Just Something Magical about the Second Saturday of October

Every year in San Antonio, on the Second Saturday of October, ArtPace holds an event called Chalk It Up. It usually closes off downtown Houston Street to have artists and families drawn on the ground, laying claim to the city they navigate, pulling us together in creation. The weather is usually pleasant. People are always in a good mood. It has over the years become one of my favorite things of the year. Even when I miss attending the event, I end up in some other adventure or some other business that turns out to be worth it all. Chalk It Up is just one of the ways that day just seems magical here. Perhaps the art walk that night is particularly crisp. Maybe someone has a really good lunch somewhere in the sunshine where a breeze blows in and a moment of calm defines how that whole day went. I've been Baptist for far too long for me to ever feel a connection to Halloween, try as I might now and then. But I've taken a fall holiday on of my own, for I celebrate the Second Satur