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Barack Obama's DNC Speech: Minute By Minute

10:12 - He emerges with rather generic music. I mean really generic music. Who wrote that stuff? And these people are serious with these standing ovations. They got to President Clinton last night and they continue to drag on here. 10:16 - There's something about Sasha Obama. She sees everything with her youthful eyes and she has no clue about anything going on. She's surprised to hear her name and anyone in her family's name. How long will it take for the media to get too close to her? 10:18 - Could you really imagine that this guy would be the candidate four years ago? Yeah, he made a good speech but geez! 10:20 - It's interesting that Obama mentions New Orleans right here. Due to an impending hurricane, the Republican Party is mulling over postponing their convention . In this reference, Sen. Obama pits the Republicans in a damned if they do/damned if they don't scenario. 10:24 - Even when gone, Phil Gramm is an albatross around Sen. McCain's neck.

Anthony Harris's Minute By Minute Account of Former President Clinton's Address

Feel free to read over this while watching this over MSNBC. 9:00 - 9:05 - President Clinton found the standing ovation cute until he found it to be annoying. Yet another reason why this is a pep rally. 9:06 - It is almost inevitable for Pres. Clinton to go deep into this speech without giving credit to his wife. Yes, Hilary didn't win. Yes, we all know this. Yes, we have to note the elephant in the room. But moving on... 9:08 - I have a job to do as head cheerleader who isn't running for an office. Get in line behind Sen. Obama. The brief invocation of Pres. Jimmy Carter is a small shout out to the South which could possibly be in play . 9:09 - The litany of problems leading to the rote line of the week: Obama is suitable for the presidency. All the while, Pres. Clinton's statements fly directly in the face of comments he made during the primary season. 9:14 - Stating that he is involved in the fight against AIDS seems to remind America that he is still involved in g

Why I Wasn't Watching the DNC Unitl Now

My good friend Donovan Ramsey put together a group of AUC students to blog the Democratic National Convention . I wasn't watching it until he essentially drafted me. Since it's been a while since I've posted anything here, whatever will go there will go here. So here is my first post, made in protest. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In all honesty, I haven't been watching the Democratic National Convention. I really haven't been following the race as closely as I should have. I'm here right now out of peer pressure if anything. I recall an episode of Aaron Sorkin's brilliant series, The West Wing , in which Communications Director Toby Ziegler is meeting with the various network heads. They're all meeting with him to tell him they are significantly paring back their coverage to just one hour out of all four days. They would show the candidates speech and the balloons (people like balloons). I&

Invalidating Expertise

Do nutritionists know what they’re talking about? Actually, do any sensationalist experts know what they’re talking about? I don’t want to seem like some sort of philistine or something, but I’m seriously bothered by people who want me to undergo gigantic lifestyle changes because they think it would be good for me. This is especially in reference to environmentalists who think I should never use plastic again or use light bulbs that don't work with dimmers and drive me insane with their blinding light . Back in high school, I used to carry this huge bottle of water. It held a liter and a half of the crucial element of life. It had it’s own bag and shoulder strap. People noted it all the time. I’d go through the whole day drinking that bottle of water. I also went to the restroom maybe ten times a day. One day, I took a bunch of fruit from the refrigerator and some orange juice and made myself a smoothie. Not only did I cut my finger on the blades