Anthony Harris's Minute By Minute Account of Former President Clinton's Address

Feel free to read over this while watching this over MSNBC.

9:00 - 9:05 - President Clinton found the standing ovation cute until he found it to be annoying. Yet another reason why this is a pep rally.

9:06 - It is almost inevitable for Pres. Clinton to go deep into this speech without giving credit to his wife. Yes, Hilary didn't win. Yes, we all know this. Yes, we have to note the elephant in the room. But moving on...

9:08 - I have a job to do as head cheerleader who isn't running for an office. Get in line behind Sen. Obama.
The brief invocation of Pres. Jimmy Carter is a small shout out to the South which could possibly be in play.

9:09 - The litany of problems leading to the rote line of the week: Obama is suitable for the presidency. All the while, Pres. Clinton's statements fly directly in the face of comments he made during the primary season.

9:14 - Stating that he is involved in the fight against AIDS seems to remind America that he is still involved in global issues. Juxtaposing this task with Sen. Obama's eventual presidency says the two will work in tandem, which is a good statement to make.

9:15 - "...economically beneficial ways to fight global warning" - It sounds like oil lobbyists still get to him, even out of office.

9:17 - While it is true that we are in a serious recession, take note that there was also a recession at the end of the Clinton presidency as well. Although, the 2008 recession puts America in a worse predicament than in 2001.

9:19 - "Yes, he can, but first we have to elect him." Who was the staffer who wrote that "off handed" comment. I feel like he was saving that one up. Just waiting to spring it.

9:21 - I heard numbers, real numbers that not only attack Sen. McCain but also attack Republican policies with a real argument. Without actual balance in the government, a one sided view of America could bring its detriment.

9:22 - "In this case, the third time is not the charm." Someone thought that line was cute. That person was wrong.

9:23 - President Clinton brings up a point. People called him too young to lead the nation. President Bush was too inexperienced to lead the nation. Sen. Obama is hearing the same claims. We've been having a lot of young presidents. It's campaigning in the advent of television. It started at Kennedy and moved on from there. It's waxed and waned, but it also hit a spike when Ted Turner took the task of giving the news to the world.

9:25 - And the speech concludes with U2's "Beautiful Day". What's the deal with this song? Sure, I liked it when it first came out. I liked it back in 2001. I liked it for the occasional event. It's good at a football game. You could throw it in a movie here and there. The video was good. But for crying out loud, someone come up with a new song. Even Bono is probably sick of it by now. The Edge would have said something by now but he only talks once every ten years or so. He's probably going silently insane. Listen, Barack Obama is black. Let's use another song. Break out some Stevie Wonder. Seriously, give me a new song to drive me crazy for every campaign event for ten years.

That's a full lid folks.


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