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Free Fault

Anthony Harris Opinions Editor Pardon me if I’m a bit lewd but lately I’ve been thinking of some age old advice mothers have been giving their daughters: why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? It’s a rather sensible question to ask when considering the value of abstinence (which is a very valuable lesson when one considers the STD rates in the 30314 zip code). But it’s also just good business sense. Unless you are a complete technophobe, you may be at least somewhat aware of the hubbub with the Recording Industry Association of America and essentially every person on earth who downloads music off the internet. The music industry is trying at a rather slow rate to adapt to the change in technology and there are many growing pains that have caused artists to rethink their methodology. The media and diligent music lovers all over the globe were enraptured this past October with Radiohead’s seventh album, In Rainbows. The band proposed a ra

Maintenance for the Maintenance

Anthony Harris Opinions Editor As I write this article in my cold room in Mays, I think about the crack between my box air conditioning unit and the window letting the cold air blow on my back. This would have been alleviated somewhat if I had blinds on my window. I haven’t had blinds on my window all year. I can tell a resident assistant before checkout to fix that, but I knew nothing would come of it. Nothing came of telling him I didn’t have a mirror, either. My desk drawer has been broken all year as well. All this past week, Brawley Hall has been freezing cold. The computer lab has been quite unbearable. One of the English department’s most esteemed professors even cancelled a class because she felt her students should not be subjected to such conditions, and might I say, canceling class is something unprecedented for her. But these conditions have been all over the building. Classrooms and offices alike have been ri

There Will Be Business Majors

Totally forgot to publish this stuff on Thursday. Here's a couple more article for the new issues. There Will Be Business Majors Anthony Harris Opinions Editor Anyone who has been around me lately knows I’ve been harping a lot about Paul Thomas Anderson’s brilliant film, There Will Be Blood. Anderson’s adaptation of Upton Sinclair’s 1927 novel, Oil!, is a testament to the hazard of greed and vengeance. Yet, to me, I saw the tale of a man who was guilty of singular motivation. I also saw the majority of the business majors of Morehouse College. Now, I’m not saying many of our “most successful” graduates will move on to have vendettas against religion or perverse family lives, but I do see a group of young men who have only one motivation: acquisition. I don’t hear a lot about the fulfillment they get from investment banking. I don’t catch on to their joy of crunching numbers. One doesn’t really perceive how much they’ll l

The Awesome Semester

It's just feast or famine, isn't it. The Awesome Semester Anthony Harris Opinions Editor From the projected date of publication of this article, there will be 117 days until I graduate. Just wrapping my mind around this number boggles me. This is the first newspaper of my last semester as a Man of Morehouse. This is the first article of the first newspaper of my last semester as a Man of Morehouse. For any seniors out there, just do that for a solid week. Seriously, it’s a pretty awesome thought. You hardly ever get tired of it (although, others might). I have been telling everyone around me that this is the “awesome semester.” For various personal and financial reasons, many of my friends have been away from Morehouse. This semester, many of them returned. With the exception of one class, most of the coursework I’m doing isn’t the highest maintenance and everything I do ensure I end everything with 120 credit hours.

The Assassination of ‘LOL’: A Modest Proposal

The Assassination of ‘LOL’: A Modest Proposal Anthony Harris Opinions Editor I spent a lot of my time over this last break sitting around a home in Marietta , Georgia (which I sometimes refer to as Purgatory). This has resulted in me looking to Facebook and Myspace much more often. This has also resulted in more boredom because everyone has other things to do so they aren't on Facebook and Myspace. But the spammers are. When I talk about spammers, I'm talking specifically about Myspace. Facebook will just steal my personal information in house. What's really annoying me is the latest series of mails I keep getting from God knows who about someone who recently moved near me and doesn't know anyone except her one friend lol. I'm tired of "lol." I've been tired of "lol." I guess it's because I'm a writer and a bit of a language purist, but I don't use net jargon. I don't use "lol" or

The Other Side of the Ron Paul Revolution

I have returned at long last. Rested and replenished. No longer exhausted and writer's block averted. There are a bunch of articles yet to be written this evening and you'll get them before the night is done. Here is the first of a few. The Other Side of the Ron Paul Revolution Anthony Harris Opinions Editor I want to get something off my chest for a second. There's been something bothering me lately about this election and people not thinking things through and about the subsections of culture that isn't really getting proper analysis. I'm getting tired of the "Ron Paul Revolution." Seriously, I'm seeing two factions of people in this whole thing and I'm about ready to see a stop to it. The people in league with Rep. Paul see him as America 's savior. His libertarian stances are a good jolt to the GOP and to the American public, this is true, but the strict stances Congressman Paul makes neglect a signifi