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For the Rebels We Used to Be

Anthony Harris Opinions Editor I’m learning ethics right now in my Business Law class. It’s interesting to see the principles that have been taught to me all my life to come in lecture form. It’s interesting to hear the principles that have lead me since I was a child to come out of my professor’s mouth and for me to take notes on the Golden Rule. It’s interesting that I have to write out, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." When I think of how interesting all this is, it makes me think how beneficial this would be to others. I think about how the fourth chapter of my textbook (which I cannot afford) would be a good read for many of the people we run across in Gloster Hall. But there is another principle I have learned that I’ve been challenging Gloster with for quite some time: "Thou shalt not bear false witness." I have encountered yet another lie that has entrenched our administrators and staff. Th

Good Enough is Not Good Enough

Anthony Harris Opinions Editor Ever since I’ve been here, I’ve always had a joke about Morehouse. Any time I had to write something in relation to this school to some other department, I always tried to throw in the word “excellence.” You can never go wrong around here without trying to fit in the word “excellence.” It seems some places, especially proposals that go off to the ivory tower of Gloster Hall, like to see that word as a reminder of a standard we try to hold. We rarely hold to that standard. A couple of weeks ago, in my article on the failures of the physical plant, I told of our solution to cold weather: space heaters. Our solution to the coldest weather in Atlanta was to get space heaters for everyone as opposed to diligently working to make sure boilers were working as soon as possible. One could surmise this is why the “temporary” boiler over at Clark Atlanta has been a staple for going on two years, but that’s neither here nor th