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Our Campus Life Anthony Harris Opinions News Section Editor I wasn’t feeling particularly ethereal this past week. I really just focused on making it to payday and getting a Chaucer test completed. Friday night, my roommate and I headed over to Georgia Tech’s student center to play pool and get in some bowling. My family came by to visit that following Sunday and I explained to them that if you want to have fun, you have it elsewhere. You can see it every week. Legions of people scattering away on Fridays to head home. Dozens heading in their cars to head to various clubs and house parties. Stories heard the following Monday about the craziness that happened at parties at Tech , Georgia State, and Emory. The tamest things stories of better pool tables and bowling alleys at Georgia Tech’s student center. The statement that I’m making here isn’t another rant against Morehouse; this is a rant against the entire AUC. Just a
The Portraits of Chivers Anthony Harris Opinions News Section Editor One Wednesday morning twenty minutes before my noon class, I decided to do something I very rarely do: I decided to go to lunch. I walked in o the cafeteria, pulled my wallet from the dark recesses of my trench coat, walked through the cafeteria to collect my fried chicken, and sat in the front of the cafeteria. My mind wandered throughout the room to all the portraits of the presidents. Hope stood steadfastly, hands in pockets. Keith stood relaxed, beaming smile, one hand in pocket. Gloster stood stolidly before a chair. Massey attempted to outshine all in full academic regalia and a shining medallion. But it was Mays that most impressed me as he stood in his office with some sort of paper in his hand. Even while posing for a portrait, the man looked like he was working. During the long process of selecting the new president of Morehouse College , this