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My Relationship with Music in the Pandemic Year 2020

Some time last year, I finally bit the bullet and got a streaming service. I wailed and moaned for years about how they screw over the artist by paying a pittance to them, how they commodify music, how they work you over in every possible way. Then one day, I found myself having to DJ at a gallery opening and ended up having to use Spotify for some reason and it clicked. I understood the allure, the freedom of having just about any song you need just about any time you need it. The process began and I started to break down. Of course, I knew I wouldn't go with the great grifter that is Spotify, so like with all major endeavors I take on, I researched for a while for the fairest streaming service with the best library for the best value and ended up going with Tidal, much to the chagrin of anyone who follows my Instagram stories (or to the integration with my Android operating phone, unable to use voice commands to play a song at will because I guess Jay Z didn't get the contrac