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The Line-Up for 7-27-2012

This week's show worked like a patchwork quilt. I tied together various songs I heard throughout the week and a bunch of stuff I just got the day before from sudden submissions. It all worked together pretty well. Brian Girley - Cover 2 Folks have taken to sending me music through the Nextbop Facebook page . This was one of those recent submissions that I liked most. Jonti - Hornets Nest Zacc Harris Group - After the Fall I played some Zacc Harris a few weeks ago and felt I should play him again to keep this group fresh on everyone's minds. Christian Scott - Liar Liar So who's taking bets on when I'll finally skip playing new Christian Scott for a week? Matt Wilson's Arts & Crafts - Teen Town This came up recently in my commute and I forgot how masterfully Wilson and crew pull off this cover. Space Ghost - 3 Weeks Zongo Junction - Oh Why? I decided to finally listen to one of the many projects Adam Schatz is in and was quite pleased with what I heard.

The Line-Up for 7-20-2012

The show, as a bit of a rarity, was live this week, both in my presenting the music over the course of this hour in real time and also in regards to its usual rambunctiousness. Christian Scott - Who They Wish I Was Sweet Valley - Total Carnage Henry Threadgill Zooid - Ambient Pressure Thereby Romain Collin - Pennywise the Clown The Stuyvessants - Panty Dropper Linda Oh - Ultimate Persona Francisco Mela - Yadan Mela feat. Esperanza Spalding Brad Mehldau Trio - Stan the Man Spectrum Road - There Comes A Time Josh Nelson - Atma-Krandana Gwigwi Mrwebi - Mra Maxwell - Phoenix Rise

The Line-Up for 7-13-2012

Pat Metheny Unity Band - Roofdogs Christian Scott - Van Gogh Christian Scott - Of Fire (Les Filles De La Nouvelle Orleans Phronesis - Zieding Enoch Smith Jr. - A Misfit's Theme Tycho - A Walk Vijay Iyer Trio - The Village of the Virgins Miles Okazaki - Figurations Brooke Waggoner - Query Robert Glasper Experiment - Gonna Be Alright (F.T.B.) feat. Ledisi Sound Directions - Theme for Ivory Black Portico Quartet - Ruins Mister Barrington - Helter's Kelter BADBADNOTGOOD - Earl (feat. Leland Whitty)

The Line-Up for 7-6-2012

It's no secret that I love the website Destination: OUT . It's a great resource for jazz that's, for lack of a better word, out there. This week, D:O celebrates six years of existence and to celebrate, they put together a Beginner's Guide to Free Jazz . This gesture was just too brilliant to pass up so some of the selections they put together made up the bulk of this week's show. Head over there to see all I couldn't fit into this one hour. In the meantime... Somi - Kuzunguka This song popped up on my commute before I got to the station. Also, I'm almost always ready to play some Somi. A.M. Architect - Circus Maria Neckam - Obsessed I planned to play this song last week but ran out of time. Le Boeuf Brothers - Two Worlds I've also been wanting to play some Le Boeuf Brothers on the show lately, too. Austin Peralta - Epilogue: Renaissance Bubbles Miles Davis - Rated X I knew when I wanted to put this show together that I would have a hard time placi