The Line-Up for 7-27-2012

This week's show worked like a patchwork quilt. I tied together various songs I heard throughout the week and a bunch of stuff I just got the day before from sudden submissions. It all worked together pretty well. Brian Girley - Cover 2 Folks have taken to sending me music through the Nextbop Facebook page. This was one of those recent submissions that I liked most. Jonti - Hornets Nest Zacc Harris Group - After the Fall I played some Zacc Harris a few weeks ago and felt I should play him again to keep this group fresh on everyone's minds. Christian Scott - Liar Liar So who's taking bets on when I'll finally skip playing new Christian Scott for a week? Matt Wilson's Arts & Crafts - Teen Town This came up recently in my commute and I forgot how masterfully Wilson and crew pull off this cover. Space Ghost - 3 Weeks Zongo Junction - Oh Why? I decided to finally listen to one of the many projects Adam Schatz is in and was quite pleased with what I heard. For an afrobeat band with very few black people in it, these guys are damn good. Francisco Mela - Yo Me I'm still carrying over my Francisco Mela love from last week's show. Freddie Joachim - Morena Thundercat - Is It Love? I still have The Golden Age of Apocalypse in rotation. Mister Barrington - Landing I felt if I was going to spiral out for the latter half of the show, this was the way to do it. Sonnymoon - Kali Can we all start fawning over Anna Wise of Sonnymoon the way we've been fawning over Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon, now? Space Ghost - Spaceship 2091 Rusconi - Hits of Sunshine (Live in Bielefeld) These guys get down on this track.


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