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Well, I guess I'm an artist now...

While I think of myself primarily as a writer, my existence always tends to be on the fringe of things, the San Antonio art scene being one of them. After so much lingering, eventually I would have to consider myself an artist at some point, that or be thrown into it. My friend, Justin Parr, has always been particularly good at that and I have loved collaborating with him over the years on assorted projects. Recently, Centro San Antonio commissioned us to make a mural downtown similar to the hand painted signs we've made in the past. Justin felt that the ball should be left in my court for what the words should be and I immediately knew where to go with this, despite knowing that I would be saying inspirational words about the immensity of our current situation for a tourism board of the city. I think it worked out nicely. Also, I got to be on the news . Instructions for Use for Adapting to Our State of Constant Change  (2020) text by Anthony Dean-Harris, design by Justin Parr loca