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Whatever Happened to American Miracles?

Whatever Happened to American Miracles? By Anthony Harris Editorial Staff Writer      Twice in the month of January, there have been cave-ins at various mines in West Virginia.  Twice in the month of January, those cave-ins have resulted in the deaths of courageous miners thinking of nothing more than working to support their families.  Twice in the month of January, I watched the news during the attempted rescue missions thinking that these miners would have the opportunity to return home.  And twice in the month of January, I was wrong.      I figured that this sort of thing didn’t happen in America.  We have the fairy tales of happily ever after.  In our darkest hour, we always prevail.  No one expects plane crashes into our grand buildings.  No one expects hurricanes to destroy our cities.  These things don’t happen to us, and if they do, we rise above the situation and everyone goes home, watches reality television and opens a Budweiser.  It’s the Ameri

Harry Belafonte is like the Black Bill O'Reilly

Harry Belafonte is like the Black Bill O’Reilly By Anthony Harris      I’m getting a little tired of Harry Belafonte.  He makes very valid points quite often as a political activist and as a diplomat to various nations.  He makes sense about the plight with Venezuela and Hugo Chavez’s fight for equality.  He comes from the right place with his criticisms of the Bush administration.  It’s just those moments where he takes it too far that seem to bug me.  I see problems with this administration, just as many other people do.  President Bush’s approval ratings will show that.  But as much as people may not be satisfied with the President’s job performance, the man most certainly isn’t Hitler.  Too often in America, we become so accustomed to speaking our minds that we seem to cast sense to the wind.  George W. Bush is not a powerful orator run by a blinding hatred to eliminate a race of people from the earth.  Heck, President Bush isn’t a powerful orator.      When he led delegation with